Annual plants: list and representative species

Annual plants: list and representative species

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Annual plants, or plants whose life cycle lasts a year, or one or two seasons, and then devotes the last part of their life to guaranteeing multiplication of the species by producing seeds of various sizes. When you enter the horticultural field, you come to define annual plants even exotic ones that do not survive seasonal conditions adverse or that you cannot be sure that they will perform well in their second growing season.

Annual, biennial and perennial plants

In addition to the annuals there are biennials and perennials. In the first case we have said that the entire life cycle takes place in a single season, then roots, stems and leaves die and the seeds that will give birth to subsequent generations remain. Among the annuals we find many herbaceous plants, wild flowers, garden flowers and vegetables.

Biennial plants span two seasons from the period of germination to that of seed formation, while perennial ones resist from one year to the next. Herbaceous perennials best known are the daffodils, cyclamens and irises.

Annual flowering plants

Among the annual plants that produce flowers, there is Portulaca, to be purchased in mid-June, with the characteristics of a succulent plant, or there is the Lobelia, with blue, light blue, white, pink or red flowers. Among the annuals with flower there is the Night Beauty, beautiful and which requires some attention but is not impossible to grow.

Annual balcony plants

On the balcony, unbeknownst to us, perhaps, we hold annuals that give us color and joy. Let's start with Begonia semperflorens, beautiful to grow on the balcony but also in the home garden, and the Vinca, with summer flowering, with very bright colors.

On the balcony we can also host nemesis, often present also in the flower beds with his small colorful flowers.

Annual garden plants

Some plants with annual balcony flowers are also great in the garden, to them we add the primroses, winter, colorful and very easy to care, and then the Nasturtium, Capuchin, which can be sown directly in the open ground. It then seems obvious to mention the Daisies, symbol of the arrival of spring.

Annual shade plants

There are some annual plants that prefer to grow in the shade, because the sunlight hits them directly for many hours, it "burns" them. We find some examples among flowers for shaded balconies.

Annual plants list

The list of annual plants, with or without flower, it is long. It makes us realize how many species that live next to us are born and die in a short time. It is possible to browse a complete and verified list in the volume "Annual and biennial plants”Available for purchase on Amazon.

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