Bone demineralization: causes and how to treat it

Bone demineralization: causes and how to treat it

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Bone demineralization, a process of depletion that affects our bones and mainly affects calcium. It happens with advancing age but also in some circumstances that we can perhaps try to avoid. However, it is important to understand what happens during the bone demineralization and how to stem the possible damage to our general quality of life.

Bone demineralization

We talk about demineralization or bone decalcification if our skeleton is undergoing a calcium depletion process. When this mineral is missing, together with other minerals, our skeleton is less and less resistant and this can only make fractures and joint problems more likely.

Bone demineralization: symptoms

"External" symptoms e visible to the naked eye there are none, I would say, if not "after the fact", or when fractures or joint problems are found. Sure it would be better to become aware of the bone demineralization of your skeleton first, in order to intervene to cause the process to slow down.

Some signs of the presence of demineralization can be picked up, for example one of them consists of an exaggerated secretion of parathyroid hormone. There descaling also tends to increase in the case of bone tumors, Paget's disease or if we are undergoing treatments with particular medications and myeloma.

Bone demineralization: what it depends on

There bone demineralization it does not always depend on osteoporosis, the latter is certainly considered its maximum expression in osteoporosis but these two problems can also occur separately. Descaling can also be linked to situations of hyperparathyroidism, and then it is not certain that it is a symptom of a serious illness.

There are people with bone demineralization just because they eat poorly and have a bad lifestyle even in terms of physical activity. Even upon the arrival of menopause, bone demineralization can occur without any particular reasons or a serious disease at its origins. Pregnant, in addition, there are occasions when women, since the fetus requires a lot of calcium, have problems with bone decalcification.

Bone demineralization of the foot

The foot is one of the parts of the body most at risk for fractures in people who suffer from bone demineralization. On the other hand, when you break your foot and find yourself immobilized for a long time, you can register one local bone decalcification, however, limited to the immobilized part that passes when we recover.

Diffuse bone demineralization

Unlike the "plaster" one, there is the widespread demineralization, also called systemic. It is called this when the bones of the whole organism become impoverished).

Bone demineralization: cure

Ever since we are little, if we have one healthy eating and we do regular physical activity, we are healing. Even better if physical activity takes place outdoors because sunlight is essential for synthesis of vitamin D, in turn necessary for the absorption and fixation of calcium.

Returning to food, it is essential if you want safeguard bone health. Without being an ascetic, just follow some guidelines such as limiting alcohol, coffee, salt and fiber supplements and opt for the consumption of dairy products, blue fish and legumes.

Bone demineralization: natural remedies

A healthy diet andphysical activity in the open air they are essential and are more than natural remedies. Among the various sports, dancing and walking are better than swimming or cycling to prevent demineralization, because the body weight stimulates positively calcification.

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