How to attract swallows

How to attract swallows

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How to attract swallows in the garden or balcony. Advice on how to help the swallows and attract them to our green space in the garden, terrace or balcony.

I have already explained to you how to attract birds to the balcony but on this page I will focus specifically on swallows.

How to attract swallows:get to know them to get their attention

The swallows they are great devourers of insects.

Who wants attract swallows to the balcony part at a disadvantage. On the balcony it is difficult to provide the swallowwhat it needs. Those who have a garden heavily treated with pesticides in order to eradicate insects are also disadvantaged. Swallows are very sensitive to pesticide pollution.

If you live near a body of water, however, you just need to set up a artificial nest to recall them. Equally, if there is an artificial pond in your garden, you are more than an advantage. The swallows will love you!

Theswallowsthey fly over watercourses hundreds of times a day in search of insects. A mirror of water allows the swallows to quench their thirst and feed.

Theswallowsthey can reach 30 grams in weight and are able to fly for over 600 km to return to nest in our climate after migrating to Africa.
When flying in search of insects they reach a speed of 50 km / h while in a straight line they can see short peaks even higher than 90 km / h.

From this brief description, you will have understood that theswallowsthey have a high calorie requirement: they move a lot and consume a lot of energy! For this reason, oneswallowadult spends much of her time hunting. An adult swallow hunts over 1000 insects in a single day. It could be hunting that pushes it into your garden or near your balcony.

Forattract swallowson the balconyat home, you can try growing plants that attract butterflies. Swallows feed on any insect, including butterflies.

Theswallowsthey will never land in your garden in the presence of a cat. The cat is a natural predator and in the absence of proper precautions, it could avoidnestnear your home because of the feline.

How to attract swallows:the artificial nest

It's not that easyattract swallowsif you don't live in the right context. In addition to cats and pesticide pollution, confusion and chaos also act as a repellent against these beautiful birds.

If you live in a quiet location then you have a good chance ofattract swallows. I told you that swallows spend a good part of their time hunting but they invest time and energy also innesting. In quiet conditions, your home or your garden wall could become the ideal place forbuild a swallow's nest.

If you intend to make aDIY swallow's nestyou need a wooden support to act as a base and natural clay to be cooked and hardened.

As an alternative toDIY swallow's nestyou can choose an artificial nest. To help the swallows, in fact, there are not a few artisans who propose thesale of swallow nests. In the photo above I have reported two of the various models for sale online.

The one on the right (gray) is absolutely among the cheapest and can be bought on Amazon with 13.90 euros and free shipping costs. The nest on the left,brownish, it is very robust and represents a middle ground. It costs € 19.93 (free shipping) and has the international Forest Stewardship Council certification.

For all information on the product, I refer you to the official Amazon page:artificial swallow's nest

The nest in question is the one shown in the photo below. Both models hang easily on the wall but allartificial swallow nests for saleonline have similar support, so they are easy to manage. Not all of them, however, can be kept out of the elements, so when purchasing, make sure the product is durable.

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