Aranto (kalanchoe) protects the heart, is anti-stress and does it cure cancer?

Aranto (kalanchoe) protects the heart, is anti-stress and does it cure cancer?

Do you know plants that are easy to find and very useful? Aranto is a very common plant in people's daily lives and has many medicinal properties. It brings various health and wellness benefits, get to know them now!

Origin of the aranto

The aranto is a plant native to the island of Madagascar, on the African continent and has its properties well known to the local population. This quickly spread its reputation to the rest of Africa.

Because of this, many slaves who were forced to travel to other latitudes were already aware of his properties, since he was already quite common in their countries of origin, such as Togo, Sierra Leone and the Congo.

For years, several seedlings were planted, which made it very common in countries like Brazil.

Benefits of aranto

Aranto has incredible properties capable of benefiting various aspects of the body. See below for the effects it can have on the body.


Due to its astringent effect, this plant can be very useful for different types of healing, treating diseases of the digestive system, stomach problems, colic, diarrhea, indigestion, intestinal inflammations and gastroenteritis.

-Protect the heart

Rich in polyphenols, aranto is also responsible for contributing to the health of the cardiovascular system, helping to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. Also, there are many antioxidants in this ingredient, responsible for increasing the fight against free radicals present in the body.

-Reduce stress

Have you been through that stressful day that seems like it will never end? The aroma can be a solution to this problem, since it contains compounds called flavonoids and phenolic acids, which have antioxidant properties. These properties fight the harmful effect of stress on the body, eliminating free radicals.

-Preserves vision

The extract of this plant, if combined with the consumption of beta-carotene, has powerful properties to preserve good vision, being important for the good condition of the cornea.

-Does Aranto cure cancer?

In Brazil, the use of medicinal plants is closely related to indigenous culture, and teachings related to natural medicine are passed down from generation to generation. There was also a great influence from Africans and Europeans, and the aranto and its sister species were fully adapted to the Brazilian tropical climate.

This plant emerged as an excellent alternative as a natural remedy in the country, even with people who believe in its anti-cancer properties.

Researchers around the world are investigating whether there is evidence of this ability to kill cancer. One of these studies, from the University of São Paulo (USP), indicates that the fortune leaf (kalancher pinnata), from the same family of aranto, may have anti-cancer properties.

The compounds responsible for this are bufadienolides, which are present in this family of vegetables. The complete study by the Brazilian researcher is available online.

Although many researchers invest in the research of aranto as an anticancer, there are still not enough results to demonstrate the total efficiency of this plant. Therefore, if you choose to consume it, consult your doctor first and do not abandon the proposed treatment.

Where to find

Aranto is well known for sprouting spontaneously, it is very easy to propagate and therefore very easy to find. If you live or go to small towns, you can easily find someone who has the knowledge to recognize it or even know how to grow it.

Keep in mind that whenever you consume tea from any plant, only do so after making sure you have chosen the correct species, so as not to risk poisoning.

How to consume

The scent can be used in a number of ways, the most common being juices and teas.

If you prepare a juice, it is important that you drink it right away to avoid loss of nutrients.

Some people also recommend eating it raw, added to salads. It's worth a try.

How to make aranto juice

Ingredients :

Water: 200 ml;
Aranto: 1 sheet.

Preparation :

Pour the 200 ml of water and the leaf into the blender;

Process well;

Drink right after you are ready.

Consume twice a day.

How to make tea

Ingredients :

Water: 200 ml;
Aranto: 3 washed leaves.

How to do it :

Bring the water with the leaves to the fire;

With the lid, wait to boil for 3 minutes;

After that time, keep the lid on and let it rest for 2 or 3 more minutes;

Remove the tea leaves and drink. If you feel the need, sweeten it.

Side effects and care

This plant may not be suitable for people with low blood pressure or hypoglycemia, as it can aggravate its effects. Remember that it is important to consult a doctor before ingesting any medicinal plant.

It is also recommended not to exceed the total daily intake of 5 grams of the plant for each kilogram of weight of the person who will consume it, since doses higher than this can be toxic.

By Ángela Oliveira. Article in Portuguese

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