Homemade dried flowers

Homemade dried flowers

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Homemade dried flowers: how to dry flowers to make pout pourry, ambient perfumers and decorative paintings with dried flowers.

THEhomemade dried flowerthey also represent a creative and welcome gift ideadried flowersthey are great for decorating the home, especially if embellished with beautiful frames.

Keep in mind that there areflowersisflowersand not everyone is suitable to bedried. The flowersfleshythey are rich in liquids and tend to mold. In the choice offlowers to be driedavoid considering orchids, aquatic plants, calla lilies or cacti. Direct your choice on autumn or late summer flowering plants. You candrying flowerssuch as hydrangeas, bougainvillea, roses, peach blossom, cherry blossom or almond blossom. The leaves are also well suited for drying and ornamental compositions.

In addition to the flowers suitable for drying, there is also a suitable period for harvesting. THE flowers to be dried should be harvested on dry and dry days, away from rain and when the climate is sunny. Collect the flowers to be dried in areas with little humidity and at times of the day far from the morning, when the dew has evaporated and there is no risk of picking a wet or damp flower.

Fordrying the flowershaving the maximum certainty of success you will need onepress. It is vitally important to transfer the flowers to a press just after harvest, because after 2 hours, the flower will already begin the withering process. As an alternative to the flower press, you can use kitchen paper towels and very heavy books, although flower presses are not very expensive. On Amazon, a good quality flower press is offered at a price of 13.78 euros with free shipping. With this press it is possible to dodrya large number offlowersplacing them in separate layers by absorbent cards. In any case, if you have old telephone directories at home, you can use those too! Keep in mind that, once the flowers between the pages of the book (or telephone directory) are closed, a weight must be placed on the latter to increase the pressure and reproduce the same effect as the flower press.

How long do the flowers take to dry? The drying times of the flowers vary according to the amount of moisture contained by the petals. Generally, the period it takes the flowers to dry is from 15 days up to a maximum of two months.

THEhomemade dried flowerscan be stored for a long time. To maximize storage times, you must separate the various flowers, one from the other, with tissue paper and then place them in a dark box. Avoid storing them in direct contact with plastic bags.

Paintings with homemade dried flowers

Thanks tohomemade dried flowersit is possible to create splendid paintings with a three-dimensional effect. As support you can use any rigid card, even colored. Start placing flowers and sheets on the cardboard until you find the most appropriate design for the environment to be furnished. As you find the right texture, lift each flower individually and glue it in the desired position. At the end of the operationsealedthe picture with a glass plate. THEpaintings with dried flowersthey must be kept away from heat sources. A very original idea would be to create a composition of dried flowers under the glass plate of the garden table or living room at home.

Pout pourry with dried flowers

Drying the flowers is very simple. If during the harvesting phase you have abounded, you can use the superfluous flowers or the damaged petals, to make somepout pourryfor environment. These decorations, for a short time, will retain the scent of the collected flower.

You can store them in bags to store in the closets and drawers as natural perfumers, or to keep in the car cabin. In this case, to pack thepout pourryall you need is a nylon bag and a handful of dried flowers.

Alternatively, you can put dried flowers on display on the bathroom sink or on the edges of the shower, create fragrant dishes and play of colors. To increase the scent you can take advantage of the strong smell ofessential oils.

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