Salt lamp, uses and properties

Salt lamp, uses and properties

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Salt lamp, uses and properties: where to buy it, information on salt therapy, features and benefits of using the Himalayan salt lamp.

Thesalt lampsare proposed as an alternative method of disseminationionsin the environment. Asalt lampit consists of a large natural salt crystal heated by the presence of a candle or a hot light bulb lit inside.

Theresalt lampit has a strong aesthetic impact: the light produced by the bulb or candle passes through the crystal emitting shades of color ranging from yellow to fiery red and from pink to purple. The different shades vary according to the chemical composition of the minerals that make up the natural salt crystal. The salt used for the preparation of is that ofHimalaya,natural and pure. The Himalayan salt is used inhalotherapy, i.e. in salt therapy in order to bring benefits to human health.

Thesalt from the Himalayasit mainly consists of sodium chloride with percentages ranging between 95 - 98%. The remaining 5 - 2% is given by polyhalite and small quantities of minerals, for example, the pink color is dictated by the presence of iron oxide.

The popularity of salt lamps is linked to the belief that Himalayan salt crystals emit when heatednegative ionsorwaves of positive energy in the air, however, there is no scientific evidence that thesalt lampsthey would negatively ionize the environment. In theory, the crystal, dissolving, should release ions into the air but to date it has not been possible to measure the amount of anions released by the lamps, nor have any established studies been conducted on the benefits associated with the use of these lamps.

Salt lamps are beautiful to look at but the health effects would seem difficult to prove. Those who intend to ionize the air in a room or the entire home, could hypothesize the purchase of aair purifierwith HEPA filter and ionizer. Air purifiers protect against allergies and limit the risk factors associated with respiratory tract diseases.

An excellent purifier capable ofionize the airis the modelAera Max Felloweswhich purifies the air of the house with a triple action: it combines the power of aionizerto that of a carbon filter and a HEPA filter. To find out how much it costs and where to buy it, I refer you to the article "air purifiers and allergies ".

Where to buy the salt lamp

The salt lamps they can be purchased at design and furniture stores and shops specializing in ethnic items and natural remedies. When buying, make sure you take oneHimalayan natural rock salt lamp.On the market you can find them of any shape and size: smooth or natural. The price of these lamps varies a lot, as often happens, the best purchase proposals come from the web where there is greater competition. I point out two of the best natural rock salt lamps present on Amazon:

- Himalayan rock salt lamp - Fireball
It is a spherical shaped polished rock salt crystal. Very impressive if you want to show off in a well-appointed salon. It is 17 cm high and weighs 4 kg. The price is about 35 euros including shipping costs.

- Himalayan rock salt lamp
The salt crystals come from Pakistan, it has a height of about 20 cm and a weight that can fluctuate between 4 and 6 kg. The price is about 25 euros including shipping costs.

The salt lamp may wear out faster if you have problems with high humidity in the house.
Theresalt lampit can also be used to eliminate humidity from the air but its use is recommended only when the degree of humidity is not excessively high. If you have severe humidity problems at home, the article may help you: "Humidity in the house, natural remedies“.

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