Scottish Fold cat: character and price

Scottish Fold cat: character and price

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Scottish Fold cat, can only come from Scotland, unless he is bluffing. This is not the case: and how could this cat do it with its very special ears? Not as a donkey or Dumbo, but folded. In fact it is called Scottish Fold cat because "Fold" in English means "Fold". This is a mutation that determines the original shape called "Folder Ear", "Folded Ears". Nothing prevents this cat from being very affectionate and much appreciated. In addition to being popular on Youtube for obvious morphological reasons.

Scottish Fold cat: origins

It was the curiosity and then the stubbornness of a couple of Scots that gave life to this breed of cats. We are in 1961 at the home of Fr.goshawk William Ross and his wife Mary, the two notice the neighbors' white cat, Susie, with folded ears, like a Scottish Fold Cat, almost, and they adopt one of her kittens with the same characteristic. His name is Snooks and they cross him with a British Shorthair obtaining Snowball, a white and "fold" male: here is the new breed, the Scottish Fold cat, registered in 1966.

Due to anomalies in the tail and joints, in 1973 it was “suspended” due to the dangers linked to the genetic mutation, but the enthusiasts did not give up and obtained a healthy breed, indeed robust, always with folded ears. They improved it by mixing it with gods British Shorthair, of Exotic Shorthair and of American Shorthair.

Today everything runs smoothly for the Scottish Fold cat, with the caveat that not all puppies in a litter have folded ears: some have them straight and are called "Straights". Two Folds must not be coupled to each other, to stay away from the genetic anomalies of the past, but crosses with British Shorthair is American Shorthair.

Although born in Scotland but found popularity in America on Scottish Fold cat: in the United States it immediately liked it a lot while as a breed in Europe it is still struggling to take off, it remains a rare case, despite the fact that on social networks it is "a case".

Scottish Fold cat: appearance

We have talked about the ears: they are shown folded forward, as in all cats in their first two weeks of life, but then in the Scottish Fold cat remain bent rather than straighten. For the rest, this animal shows a robust and round physique, supported by medium bone and good musculature.

The head appears rounded, also due to the large "headlight" eyes which give a very sweet aspect, and to the full and developed cheeks. The tail is tapered, of medium length and proportionate to the body, the hair is short, soft and very thick, also resistant in fact the Scottish Fold cat tolerates low temperatures well.

Scottish Fold cat: photo

Of photos of Scottish Fold cat there is no shortage of them online and you can easily realize how much variety of color this breed shows. Among the single-colored specimens there are whites, with blue eyes, or even copper or unequal, and then only with copper eyes those blue, black, cream and red.

Then there are the Tabby, in the colors Blue, Cream, Red, Brown, Silver and Cameo, and the Tortie in the colors Blue and Cream or Black Red and Cream, finally the Smoke. The standard of Scottish Fold cat however, it excludes the “stained” ones such as Colorpoint, Chocolate, Lilac or the same ones combined with white.

Scottish Fold cat: character

Very affectionate and tied to the family in which the Scottish Fold cat is a perfect example of a houseplant. He loves to take a few turns in the garden, and is an excellent mouse hunter, but then it is important that he can come back and be in company: he loves the presence of both us humans and other animals.

Females of the Scottish Fold cat they have a strong sense of motherhood, on the other hand, the little ones are very awake and precocious but without causing trouble for the house. These cats follow their master everywhere, without being annoying, and they are also very curious: a mania of Scottish Fold cat is that of play with small objects, hiding everything that attracts him.

Scottish Fold cat: breeding

Breeding for the Scottish Fold cat, in Italy as in the rest of Europe, there are many more in the United States. This does not mean that we should go for the first one we find or on unreferenced ads. You should never, but even more so with a breed like this, with a history of genetic problems and health, it is very important to check.

In particular, experts recommend paying attention to legs, limbs that are too short and the flexibility of the tail. Once you got a Scottish Fold cat instead, the ears must be the object of precious and accurate care. They need to be kept clean because earwax can cause problems with infections and hearing loss. The coat, on the other hand, being short and thick, requires only a minimum of cleaning with brush and comb, especially during the moulting period, to eliminate dead hair.

Scottish Fold cat: price

Having made the necessary checks, we can evaluate the price of a puppy of Scottish Fold cat. It is usually around 500 euros.

Scottish Fold cat: video

A nice video that tells and shows all the peculiarities of this really curious breed is the best way to conclude.

Alternatively, if you just need what we have told so far of the Scottish Fold cat, then let him say "hello" 杜 and "meow" from him in hair and bones, with this second video.

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