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DIY chandelier

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DIY chandelier: the guide to building a chandelier with cheap components or with creative recycling. All the info on how to proceed to make a chandelier.

As you know, anyone involved in "do it yourself" is rich in resources. But have you ever created a chandelier with recycled material?

Here's how to furnish your home and why not surprise your friends with the mini guide: how to make a DIY chandelier.

Why build a DIY chandelier?

  • To save money, the materials we are going to use are highly economical and often recycled materials;
  • To give a new look to a room;
  • To customize the chandelier, perhaps with new furnishing accessories (furniture, sofa covers, etc.)
  • Because these DIY chandeliers are too original if simple to do not to try!

Needed to make a DIY chandelier:

  • White or clear paper cups;
  • Stapler;
  • Energy saving bulb;
  • Electric wire

DIY chandelier: step by step instructions

Build 20 hexagons, consisting of 7 plastic cups, (1 in the center), attaching them to each other with a stapler;

avoid hot glue, it would melt the whole glass generating toxic (carcinogenic!) gases;

  • As you have created the hexagons, now, apart, you will have to create 12 pentagons;
  • Combine all the geometric figures by arranging them as if to create a flower composed of petals made of hexagons and the pollen composed of a pentagon;
  • The flower created by the glasses is composed of 5 petals, each petal must be lengthened with an additional hexagon in order to compose a maxipetal for each side (see video at the end of the page).
  • You will have to compose 5 gfiori of 5 petals;
  • Then you just have to follow the pattern of the so-called truncated icosahedron;
  • Once you have created the two hemispheres you can go and join them, remembering not to attach a pentagon with the stapler, but with paper tape or hairpins, so you can remove them later!
  • At this point, you just have to insert the wire with the bulb attached to the wire inside the chandelier. To do this, simply remove the temporarily fixed glasses that you will use as a sort of door!
  • Close the cover (which you can also reuse to replace the bulb)!

How to build a DIY chandelier: use colors!

Nowadays they make glasses of all colors: transparent, gold, red, etc.

You can create fantastic colorful geometric figures for a more modern decor by differentiating them from others thanks to the different color.

How to build a DIY chandelier: children's party

Does your daughter love Frozen? Does your child love Spiderman or the Gormiti?

Buy glasses of his favorite hero and make flowers or triangles with the image of his myth. The chandelier will be unique and you will not have to buy too many glasses, those for decorations will be enough.

DIY Chandelier: Theme Party

Have you organized a Caribbean party? Brazil-themed? Total black? Customize your DIY chandeliers, using black glasses you will have a chic chandelier that adapts to several more sober environments. Green and yellow for the most colorful parties. In short, with the technique of the chandelier made with plastic cups you could really furnish any party room!

How to make a DIY chandelier with recycled items

Are the glasses left over to you only white? Don't feel like buying more and spending more money? Paint them, you will just need some spray cans. Nowadays the most well-stocked hardware or paint shops have all kinds:

  • Chrome effects
  • Fluorescent colors (which light up with ultraviolet rays from the disco);
  • Pearly
  • Shiny
  • Crazy

We sell cans of all tastes and for every need. The can is simple to use, it does not require long drying times and guarantees a truly formidable effect!

Your DIY chandelier will truly look like a well-made chandelier. Based on the colors it lends itself to any type of event. Also, if you don't have a lot of lights but you want to give a really special touch to the environment, here's a really brilliant idea!

Green tips for building a diy chandelier:

Choose ecological cans. They cost a little more but you will be good for your lungs and the environment. The cans rich in toxic elements devour ozone favoring the formation of what were once called "ozone holes" that today we can define as real natural disasters due to the melting of glaciers and continuous rainfall in many parts of the world.

DIY chandelier for home decor

The house or the room where the event takes place, but also a small dinner with friends can make you travel while staying at home, giving the rooms a truly themed look.

If you have patience and many, many glasses to recycle, you could build many semicircles without gluing them.

With a wall stapler and a ladder you can fix the hemispheres to the ceiling, covering part of the ceiling, or why not all of it!

Imagine halloween, carnival, a party for children but also an aperitif or a themed dinner with friends will transform your home into the most chameleonic place there is! Here is the video tutorial that explains step by step the whole procedure for making an easy and effective DIY chandelier!

If you missed some steps here is a useful video tutorial with all the instructions to create it. Personalizing it is the work of your imagination, always guided by an eco-sustainable spirit and in the name of saving!

Video: DIY CRYSTAL CHANDELIER for cheap! (May 2022).