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Little Lion Dog

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Little lion dog, also called Loewchen, is a pleasant French dog of the group of Bichon, recommended and officially classified by the FCI as companion dogs. It has an aspect that makes it deserve the name it bears in the Italian translation, as in the French original Petit Chien Lion, its particular shape of the coat gives it the typical lion aspect.

Little lion dog: origins

It is indicated as a dog of French origin but it is by no means excluded, on the contrary, it is almost certain that it has also lived in Spain for a long time and since time. We consider that it was portrayed alongside or almost next to the Duchess of Alba, in a famous painting by Goya.

The race of the Little lion dog was born from a cross between "Bolognese”, “Maltese" is "Bichon à poil frisé", To date in Italy it is not known and in general it is not present with large numbers even in France, but it is a dog known both for its price and for its aesthetic characteristics, in the exhibitions it is very showy and the online photos are suitable to become popular.

Other countries where this breed is known are Great Britain, Sweden and Finland, the first French Club of the Little Lion Dog was founded on November 18, 1947.

Little lion dog: appearance

High from 20 to 35 cm at the withers, with a weight from 2 to 4 kg, the Little lion dog it is undoubtedly a small dog, of the category of small dogs, indeed, very small. We have already mentioned its leonine look, it is similar to the classic one of the Poodle, with the tail ending in a bow.

The coat, with fairly long and wavy hair, but not curly, can be of various colors, those allowed are… all. Both solid and spotted. In general, the most sought after colors are white, black and lemon.

As a constitution, it is a robust and proportionate dog, although it is small it is proportionate and harmonious, its skull is quite wide and with a not very evident or protruding black nose. The eyes of a Little lion dog they are dark, round, large and intelligent, the ears are hanging and long, with even a little fringes.

Little lion dog: character

Without a doubt, this breed of dog is very intelligent, even affectionate but not intrusive. He has a rather lively temperament Little lion dog and excellently sums up all the qualities of the companion dog. At home he is serene and conveys serenity, he is a homely type, not very noisy so if you live in an apartment, even the neighbors will love it and will not make you many problems.

With children it is a good companion, since he loves the game very much, as well as the long walks that you must give him absolutely. Being outdoors is essential for this dog, at home he will then be calm but only if he has made his walk.

The Little lion dog it adapts perfectly to living in an apartment as in the countryside, without ever giving up its proud and decisive bearing, underlined by the fluttering mane and accompanied by the typical lively and very alert expression.

Little lion dog: history and art

Two specimens of Little lion dog they are found in the Cathedral of Amiens, built in the thirteenth century, are carved in stone and well portray the breed in all its peculiarities. In the fifteenth century, we find its characteristic silhouette in the tapestries of many noble residences, also because they were much loved dogs by the ladies of the court of Burgundy. They also appear in many paintings, towards the 17th century, and also described in many treatises, where they are called "Bichon Little Lion Dog”.

Little lion dog: breeding

On the ENCI website there are no officially registered farms for this breed but on line it can be seen that the Girasole agricultural company, a breeding specialized in pet breeds, could have some specimens of Little lion dog for us if we want this dog so cheerful and fluffy at home.

The breeding company is present also in Lombardy, in Magenta in via Roma 79, their puppies of 28 different breeds are raised on the farm in Porpetto UD.

Little lion dog: price

One reason for the low diffusion of the Little lion dog, or perhaps a consequence, it is certainly the price. With all its particular beauty but a puppy of this breed can cost up to 3000 euros, certainly more than 2600 euros. Every year only a hundred new purebred puppies are registered and in Italy a couple appear on the Enci website. They look a lot like Maltese which is not cheap but not that expensive either.

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