World Book and Copyright Day 2018

World Book and Copyright Day 2018

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World Book and Copyright Day, an anniversary to be read in the key of readers but also of potential or real writers: who has never written a diary page, or a post on social media? From a group of 12 countries, including Australia and Russia, in November 1995 the idea of ​​establishing a World Book and Copyright Day.

An idea that is transformed into a concrete proposal that arrives on the table of the 28th session of the UNESCO General Conference. We are in Paris, and from that table this important anniversary is established: the date is April 23, then we will understand why and why it has not always been like this.

The "World Book and Copyright Day"It is therefore celebrated every year since 1996, and every year the words of the Church are remembered in the most varied and imaginative ways, literary but not only universal declaration of human rights. In particular, leafing through article 27 we read: "Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests deriving from any scientific, literary and artistic production of which he is the author."

World Book and Copyright Day: 23 April

The first Book day it is not world-wide and it is not April 23, we are in Catalonia with the Valencian writer and publisher Vincent Clavel Andrés who promotes this initiative in a purely national key, bringing the proposal to King Alfonso XIII who in 1926 says "yes". The first Book Day in Spain it was celebrated at the birth of Cervantes on 7 October. Only from 1931, the day was postponed to April 23.

Not a random date and in the against the good Cervantes but April 23 is April 23. If you are wondering why, browse an encyclopedia, or Wikipedia, to discover that on that date, the one that still belongs to World Book and Copyright Day, three important writers died in 1616: the Spanish Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616), English William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and the Peruvian Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (1539-1616).

That's not all with the coincidence: this day the French were born in turn Maurice Druon (1918-2009), Russian Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) and the Icelandic Nobel Prize Winner Halldór Laxness (1902-1998). And while we are in Spain, we also remember that the World Book and Copyright Day coincides with the feast of St. George, patron saint of Barcelona and Catalonia.

World Book and Copyright Day: what is being celebrated

On 23 April every year, for years and years, an important intent has been celebrated: that of promoting the pleasure of reading, while at the same time enhancing the contribution that authors make to the social and cultural progress of humanity. The goal of the World Book and Copyright Day it is also to guarantee the right and protection of intellectual property.

It all seems very serious and on the one hand it is, but it must be experienced as a pleasure and a party. Our ancestors teach us that in the Middle Ages who gave themselves a rose on this day. Every man to his woman. The booksellers of Catalonia have decided to resume the tradition to give a touch of poetry to the initiative that risked seeming too bookworm, many of them still use today give a rose for every book sold on 23 April.

Since the official World Book and Copyright Day, every year a city in the world becomes the world capital of books. A recognition that is awarded on the basis of programs to promote the dissemination of the book e encourage reading tell yourself. The application takes place through a public call, each city proposes its own pro-reading program without also omitting details on the spending budget and above all on the strategies both at local, regional, national and international level to make the most passionate about reading.

There Capital of the book for 2018 is the city of Athens, Greece, a land of millenary culture.

Going back over the years we discover that the first, in 2001, was Madrid and gradually the all-Italian tandem also touched in 2006. Turin / Rome. The most recent World Book and Copyright Day capitals were in 2013 Bangkok, Thailand, 2014 Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and 2015 Incheon, South Korea.

World Book and Copyright Day: discounts

A discount, sometimes more than World Book Day and Copyright Day, can encourage even the most reluctant to browse through a book. If then there are discounts in the World Book and Copyright Day there are no more excuses.

Like Ideegreen, I can only advise you to take a look at the news from the Bellavite publishing house, very attentive to the natural and artistic heritage of our area but also very attentive to the environment, technically speaking. It is a virtuous reality that I invite you to get to know through the interview I conducted with the publisher Paolo Bellavite. It is himself in this interview "Bellavite: Zero Emission GreenPrinting editions”To tell about the good practices adopted.

Other "more narrative" offers and discounts, on ebooks from various publishers, are available in a continuous cycle and not only for World Book and Copyright Day on the site of Daily and weekly offers and small, great goodies to be tempted by. Just on April 23.

World Book and Copyright Day: some green proposals available online

The green philosophy can only embrace the cause of World Book Day and copyright and the vice versa can also happen by choosing sustainable titles, which look to the future with high expectations and zero impact. Here are some suggestions.

For those who are ready for a small "down" of awareness, to then face the propulsive launch towards a radical change, conquering a role in the mission of saving the "Big world, small planet"That we are lucky enough to live in, I recommend the book of the same name -" Big world, small planet "published by Edizioni Ambiente, written by Rockström Johan and Mattias Klum. It is also a pleasant read for those who in their life have never thought of saving the world by studying science: never say never, you can read about it here my review.

From the same publisher there is also a very useful pamphlet with the "Words for the future". Twenty, to be precise, chosen because they are particularly significant if you aim for a green future, not in 100 years, but now. In the book I talked about best in review, we explain the terms that refer to powerful and achievable revolutions, which today would perhaps seem distant, were it not that “just wanting”. There is also an illuminating preface by the talented Massimo Cirri

If you can't do without a novel, you don't need to betray the green cause: Elisabetta Bucciarelli it takes us to landfills on the edges and into the city, to the landfills of the soul and into the life of a group of young people who, by dint of living there, also feel a bit like landfills. Her book is "Corpi di scto", published for the "noir di ecomafia" series of Edizioni Ambiente and of which I myself have spoken in this article "City landfills, waste bodies”.

Even in the World Book and Copyright Day you will have to take a lunch break, and then you may wonder if the perfect food exists. Answers the book by Massimo Marino and Carlo Alberto Pratesi published by Edizioni Ambiente "The perfect food”.

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