Natural remedies for otitis

Natural remedies for otitis

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Otitis is an ear infection that is particularly common in young children. It is typically caused by bacterial or viral infections. One of the major risk factors is contact with contaminated water; hence the definition of "swimmer's otitis", a common form that affects those who regularly go to the pool and which can be confused withbarotraumatic otitis.

Depending on the area of ​​the ear where the infection develops, otitis can be external or average,
External otitis is localized in the ear canal, the canal that connects the auricle with the middle portion of the ear; otitis media develops deeper, in the cavity that houses the hearing ossicular chain and which is internally bounded by the eardrum membrane.

Otitis is a disorder that should not be underestimated: a doctor's consultation is always recommended; It is good to remember, however, that there are natural remedies that can help us relieve the infection.

Otitis, symptomatology

The symptoms of ear infection can vary from person to person and also according to the severity.
In otitis externa, the main symptoms are redness of the auricle, itching, persistent and intense pain in the ear. In otitis media, otalgia can be accompanied by muffled hearing, the production of foul-smelling secretions with pus and blood, in some cases fever.

Medical treatment for ear infections involves the administration of antibiotics to eliminate the microorganisms that develop inflammation. It can also consist in taking antihistamines in case of allergy.

Natural remedies for otitis

However, when otitis begins to manifest itself, before reaching a more severe stage, a series of natural remedies can be used as an alternative to synthetic antibiotics.

Hydrogen peroxide

An effective remedy for otitis is represented by hydrogen peroxide; just apply 3 drops to the affected ear every 12 hours

Garlic oil

Garlic is one of the natural antibiotics par excellence and can be used to eliminate the viruses responsible for different types of infections. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, garlic is indicated for treating ear pain when it depends on otitis.
Apply 3 drops of pure garlic oil to the affected ear and keep the head tilted so that the liquid goes deep.


Like garlic, onion is also one of the most effective natural remedies against otitis thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antiseptic action.
Application: chop a fresh onion, wrap it in a clean cloth and apply it to the affected ear for 5 minutes. Repeat this treatment several times a day.

Olive oil

The healing properties of olive oil are ideal for effectively treating ear infections.
Application: heat two teaspoons of olive oil then apply 3 drops of oil to the ear affected by the infection.

Hot water

The heat has an analgesic effect that reduces pain and also helps improve circulation to facilitate the elimination of the infection.
Application: fill a hot water bottle and cover with a cloth. Place the cloth on the ear affected by the infection for a few minutes.

Chewing gum with xylitol

A particularly pleasant natural remedy seems to be the use of xylitol chewing gum: a Finnish study has shown that this sweetener reduces the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae type B, the main agents responsible for ear infections.

An effective remedy comes from sea water ...

These are sterile isotonic solutions characterized by a composition of mineral salts similar to marine ones. They can be used in drops for daily nasal washes or in the form of aerosols to rid the nose of secretions, mitigate initial inflammation and rebalance the mucous membranes, making them less susceptible to attack by viruses and bacteria.

Helpful recommendation: Wash your hands well and frequently - this is one of the most important ways to decrease the transmission of germs from person to person.

Attention: the information contained on this page should not replace any and possible visits and interviews with reference doctors and specialists.

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