Kerry Blue Terrier: character and cost

Kerry Blue Terrier: character and cost

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Kerry Blue Terrier, a blue-blackish Irish dog by many, and not just by the Irish, considered a near-perfect dog. So let's get to know it better, to see if it's just a legacy and legendary fame or if there is something true. An old Irish wish goes like this: “May the wind always be behind you and a Kerry Blue at the end of your journey ".

This breed has always been bred as a utility and work, the specimens that have belonged to it over the centuries have been used for hunting, game retrieval, even in the water, in sheep farming, today most of them are known and appreciated as a companion dog. Or even for show and exhibition. In the family he is a fantastic dog, the Kerry Blue Terrier, affectionate and faithful. And at work as well as if he has to stand guard, he shows extraordinary intelligence.

Kerry Blue Terrier: origins

Although it was officially recognized by the International Federation only from 1920, the breed of Kerry Blue Terrier it had been known for some time at home, at least until 1887 when the first specimens appeared in some exhibitions. Little is known about its origins: it is a dog that has always been with the "people", peasants or shepherds, and has not risen in class in the living rooms. Few poets have noticed it.

One of the hypotheses that run is that it derives from "Soft coated wheaten terrier”, In particular from a section based on the color of this breed. In common with the Kerry Blue Terrier in fact it has a tremendously soft and silky coat.

The name of the breed recalls the county of Kerry, land where he was born and where the blue color was selected for all domestic animals, even for cattle, pigs and chickens, as well as for dogs and cats. Became from its early years as an official breed, mascot of the Irish patriots, the Kerry Blue Terrier had his own custom Club around 1928 and has since become very popular around the world, both as an excellent working dog and as a desirable companion.

Kerry Blue Terrier: appearance

Physique dry but robust and compact, very muscular, excellent balanced synthesis of grace and determination, muscles and drive: the Kerry Blue Terrier it has an attractive appearance and structure that is enviable for many of its peers. And it's not just appearance, because it has been established that he has iron health and is very, very long-lived.

It is medium to large in size, at the withers a boy of Kerry Blue Terrier it measures a maximum of 50 cm, and has a muscular and well developed trunk, a long and lean head ending in a light stop, strong, deep and solid muzzle and jaws. The nose of this breed is black, the eyes if not black, as dark as possible, rather small, even the ears are small and "V" shaped. The tail of the Kerry Blue Terrier it has a high attachment and is carried straight.

Kerry Blue Terrier: coat

The hair of the Kerry Blue Terrier it is silky, sweet, abundant and wavy. At first glance, and even after, it is one of the most appreciated characteristics and not only for the color. Certainly the typical shade of the breed is important, indeed, the shades, all those of blue, with or without black points. Such a valued cloak is a responsibility even for the owner of a Kerry Blue Terrier which must keep it clean and knot-free. Monthly grooming by a professional is a duty, above all because as it grows the hair does not always remain homogeneous and this creates difficulties in care.

A particularity in the particularity: the Kerry Blue Terrier he also has a tuft in front of his eyes. It is not to protect too delicate eyes, but to protect them from the claws of badgers, marmots, foxes, cats and all those harmful animals that it has always had the task of keeping away.

Kerry Blue Terrier: character

As we have already guessed so far, this breed has specimens that prove to be excellent guardians therefore with a courageous, intelligent, agile and robust character. The Kerry Blue Terrier it is also easily trainable even if with other dogs it can become quarrelsome, this also because in the past it was also used in dog fights.

The expression immediately appears alert and alert, but also sweet with the family to which he becomes attached and to which he remains loyal and faithful. And protective: he goes out of his way not to disappoint her. If kept at home, the Kerry Blue Terrier he knows how to behave properly: he is very clean at home, calm and physiologically he does not shed his hair and does not produce odors. Also perfect for hygienists and allergy sufferers. And for the children with whom he stops to play with intelligent ways, he always looks for cuddles and opportunities to play.

The aggression that this dog can show can be moderated by one socialization practiced when he is very young, so that he develops his sensitivity and the kindness he is capable of and which makes him the "almost perfect dog".

Kerry Blue Terrier: puppies

The puppies of Kerry blue Terrier they are immediately very active, they require equally active and attentive owners, and with some time to devote to them to play and take care of the almost daily toilet sessions. The character of the little ones is usually cheerful and carefree, they are affectionate and eager to cuddle but with the like they can be aggressive. Better educate them immediately for peace.

When they are born, i Kerry Blue Terrier they are all black and only after about 18 months do they gradually take on different colors in some parts of the body. On the legs for example, with reddish reflections, and ash gray tufts, until they become uniformly blue. The blue is not just one blue, but all possible blue, from ash gray to dark blue.

Kerry Blue Terrier: breeding

In Italy this Irish breed is not very widespread, it has not yet become one of those for which the craze starts, and remains essentially for dog connoisseurs. This makes it difficult to find specimens of Kerry Blue Terrier on Italian soil but also ensures that the quality of the subjects is very high. The Enci website reports as farms of Kerry Blue Terrier three realities. One in Lombardy, in the province of Mantua, one in Piedmont, towards Asti, and the last in the Trapani area, in Sicily.

Kerry Blue Terrier: photo

Curious about all the shades of blue that the Kerry Blue Terrier can show off, and also of his tuft, let's see some photos.

Kerry Blue Terrier: Cost

A puppy of Kerry Blue Terrier it can cost around 800 euros, a not low price linked to the difficulty of finding it, more than anything else. Before buying it, also considering the cost, we keep in mind that it is a very demanding dog especially for the care of the coat. Monthly grooming sessions should be done, it should always be brushed and cared for. It is also true that it is a perfect pet for family life and which, by not shedding hair, does not drive allergy sufferers crazy. Which is not a trivial matter.

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