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CamBIOvita EXPO: the

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ChangeVita Expo will be held from 13 to 15 May, in Sicily, at EtnaFiere, and will be on lounge area largest in southern Italy on the "Healthy Living“.

The invitation is to eat better, take better care, live better, travel better, live better and consciously with the slogan: "I change my life and you?"

Many companies involved who, each for their own area of ​​expertise, will have the task of explaining to visitors how to adopt one healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Testimonial and guest of honor at the fair will be Franco Battiato, Sicilian musician and artist who follows a vegetarian diet, but many others will be guests from the institutional, scientific, specialized and journalistic world of great national and international importance who will compete, during the three days of the event, in a busy calendar of meetings and conferences.

Among the protagonists of the show will be theProvincial Association of Etna Chefs which will prepare a green drink based on strictly organic fruit and vegetable extracts.

ChangeVita Expo provides a full calendar of cooking show, coordinated by the president of the Provincial Association of Etna Chefs, Seby Sorbello and made by award-winning and starred chefs who will decline the best ingredients in the "themes":

  • vegan
  • biodiversity
  • hemp
  • sea
  • fruit
  • ancient grains
  • celiac disease
  • pastry
  • lactosan free
  • Welfare
  • 360 ° health.

On the topic 360 ° health the protagonist will be the well-known chef Alessandro Circello, opinion leader, spokesperson for the figure of the Cook as a health promoter, award-winning, successful book writer, for these reasons, often a guest on television broadcasts and events of great international importance.

To represent international cuisine Sacha Kingston which will bring to the table the aromas of South Africa, this year's guest country at Etnafiere which, with the Italian Federation of Chefs and the Regional Union of Sicilian Chefs, will prepare the "Friendship dish"Because living consciously is also an embrace between different peoples and traditions.

There Italian Sommelier Foundation will be another protagonist of the event and will coordinate the guided and training courses, in particular for the wine and oil tastings.

Special exhibition areas will be dedicated to wines, oils, vegans and intolerances where visitors can learn how to make the most of the products purchased, from the point of view of taste and nutritional values.

Fruits and vegetables: healthy foods protagonists at CamBIOvita Expo

One healthy vision style cannot ignore the physical movement and so the professionals of Virgin Active, a green sports brand known all over the world for its fitness centers, will involve the public with consulting and group activities.

Children are expected to ChangeVita Expo with “a special place” where they will learn to respect the planet, eating healthy and playing sports.

CamBIOvita Expo: where it is held and how to reach it

ChangeVita Expo will take place in the exhibition center Etnapolis, easily accessible from the city center, the airport and the port of Catania.

From Catania it is possible to reach the fair using the Circumetnea bus line, Adrano / Paternò / ​​Catania section, Valcorrente stop.

To reach the Etnapolis Exhibition and Congress Center from Palermo: A19 Palermo-Catania motorway, Tangenziale Ovest exit (direction Misterbianco). After Misterbianco take the third exit Etnapolis - Leroy Merlin. To reach the Etnapolis Exhibition and Congress Center from Catania: A18 Messina-Catania motorway, Misterbianco exit. Detour to Paterno 'SS121 take the third exit Etnapolis - Leroy Merlin. After Misterbianco take the third exit Etnapolis - Leroy Merlin.

By plane, from Catania Fontanarossa airport, you can reach the Exhibition Center by taxi, or reach Catania - Borgo Central Station where you can take the Circumetnea.

CamBIOvita Expo: the official website

You will find the latest information on events and conferences of ChangeVita Expo on the official website:

On the official website you will also find the event brochure in electronic format to be viewed online, more information for visitors and for companies wishing to exhibit their proposals.

By following this link you can also request a free invitation.

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