Video traps: what they are and where to buy them

Video traps: what they are and where to buy them

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As anticipated, the video traps, are particular types of cameras used to capture images and videos of animals that are difficult to shoot. In English they are called scout camera or stealth camera, names which make it easier to understand that they are not "violent contraptions".

The main peculiarity of the video traps, what differentiates them from other image capture devices is the fact that they are equipped with an ad hoc case capable of guaranteeing a dual activity. It makes them camouflaged and above all it protects them from atmospheric events such as wind, rain and snow. If you spy on wild animals, unreachable or almost unreachable by our "live" eye, the video traps they must be robust. Often it is necessary to leave them in the open field, to monitor the possible passage of animals, even for periods of 1 week or a few months.

Usually the video traps are used for amateur purposes, to be able to learn more about the world around us, to have a special and undoubtedly original video, to camera trapping and photo hunting. However, there are also professionals who use them for their own wildlife and environmental research and for the creation of video documentaries. Here is an example of what can be taken, even at night, by video traps. The spied on are wolves.

Click here to watch the video.

Not at night but just as special is this video: the video traps managed to capture a magical moment: a she-wolf giving birth. I told about the experience, with videos exclusively for us, to see, in the article "She-wolf howling and giving birth: exclusive video“.

Without pretending to make a "bang" like that, here are some tips to make the most of video traps which, as I said, are also perfect for amateur use.

It is important to mount them well, choosing a sturdy tree to prevent the wind from moving them, possibly placing them at a distance of 3-5 meters from where you think the animal can stop. In the "X" position, food is often placed to attract it. Let's check before we leave video trap, that it has a very durable charge, that there are no plants that hinder its recovery and that it is well protected from the elements.

When using video traps to observe the behavior of animals, often the targets are bears, deer and wolves, as we have noted. They are excellent for monitoring the habits of wildlife but it is not uncommon to use them also for the territorial surveillance by the Police, to prevent poaching and environmental crimes in general.

The price varies from 250 to 350 euros, often the devices are also equipped to take night photos, since they use infrared LEDs, and offer the possibility of receiving images just shot or taken via MMS or email.

These functions are both provided in video traps model LTL-6210, evolution of another already very good model. They are among the best and at a price of 350 euros well justified by the many functions and general robustness.

The configuration procedure is also extremely simple and intuitive, there is a special software, and thanks to the infrared LEDs of 940 nm this device is completely invisible to the human eye during nighttime photos and videos. There are also those who use these video traps as an alarm system for all those places without power supply, even if not frequented by wolves.

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