How to make a flower garland

How to make a flower garland

How to make a flower garland fresh or in true Hawaiian style. Instructions for preparing one DIY flower garland; the same technique can be used in the Christmas period for one Christmas wreathto hang on the entrance door.

Thereflower garlandit is a very characteristic welcome decoration. One more versionlightenedcan be used like the classichawaiian flower necklaceto hang around the neck while the more full-bodied versions (which we will see on this page) can be used to decorate the house, garden, the front door or create themed decorations for an event, the classic example is given byChristmas wreathwith mistletoe, pine cones and conifers.

Fresh flower wreath, what you need

How to make a fresh flower wreath? With our instructions it will be too easy! Among the necessary we will point out the easiest plants to find but, in the absence of these, you can use what the garden offers you.

Preliminary advice
Harvest in the morning, on a not very humid day and when the early morning dew has completely evaporated. With a careful harvest, yoursflower garlandit could last for long periods: the decorative garlands to hang on the entrance door can be dried easily.

With a pair of shears, cut the branches that bear the freshest and most vigorous foliage. For thefresh flowersto use for theGarland, choose the ripe ones whose corollas are not too open yet. Flowers that are too open could easily lose their petals. Here's what it takes formake a flower garland do-it-yourself:

  • 2 or 3 branches about 50 cm long
    The branches must be very flexible and full of vigorous leaves. Choose plants like vitalba, wisteria or honeysuckle, false jasmine, jasmine ...
  • Rose
    Choose different roses, both in color and in flower ripeness. A great floral pattern sees yellow and white or white and pink roses.
  • Tinfoil
    That is to say the classic aluminum paper that you use in the kitchen.
  • Wire
    The iron wire to use is flexible and green in color, typically florists use it so much that it is called florist wire.
  • Mixed twigs
    For filling purposes and to increase the decorative effect of yourswreath of fresh flowers, you can add some green sprigs of herbs that are easy to store. To add a fragrant note you can choose sprigs of aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, santolina chamaecyparissus ...

How to make a flower garland

Take the 50 cm branch.

Why did we suggest you to choose plants like whiteworm, wisteria, honeysuckle or false jasmine…? Because they are all plants that have very flexible branches that lend themselves well to making the main circumference of your wreath. You can use any plant, as long as it's flexible… even a fruit tree like kiwi will do! The same base will serve you in case of oneChristmas wreath.

Fold the branch in a circle and make a circumference with a diameter of about 20 cm. Stop the starting and ending points of the circumference using a florist's wire.

Prepare the mixed twigs to be anchored to the circular base. In case of a Christmas wreathyou can use mistletoe, sprigs of fir and pine cones, in the case of the classicfloral wreathyou can use the already mentioned aromatic herbs.

Prepare the secondary twigs by removing the leaves from the bottom. If you want to keep theflowersfresh for longer, soak the stems completely in water for a period of 2 - 8 hours. In addition, wrap in the terminal area of ​​the stem some cotton balls (wadding) soaked in water and secure everything with aluminum foil.

In this phase you have to prepare all the secondary branches which are the ornamental bunches that will be hung on the circumference prepared previously. Calculate that for a garland with a diameter of about 20 cm (therefore prepared with an initial branch of 50 cm) you will need 25 bunches, if you want to make it onlyflowers, you will need 25 small bunches of flowers.

The bunches are fixed to the circular base using the green wire. Aflower garlandIt can be used as a centerpiece, decoration to hang on the door or wall or as a candle holder. You can also dry it to make it last longer. If you make a heart with the first flexible branch of about 50 cm, you can get a heart-shaped garland like the one shown in the photo above, an excellent gift idea on Mother's Day or to welcome your partner on the occasion of Valentine's day.

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