Golden eagle in flight: spectacular video

Golden eagle in flight: spectacular video

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Golden Eagle, to be admired with the nose up, or on the coats of arms, or in documentaries. And not only that, also to be protected, because still in Italy births and deaths are barely compensated and the risk of extinction is just around the corner. It is such an evocative animal of elegance, dignity, beauty and freedom: ideals to be defended together with her,Golden Eagle, which represents them so well. It elevates them.

Golden Eagle in flight: characteristics of the animal

L'Golden Eagle belongs to the accipitridae family and has as its scientific name that of Aquila chrysaetos in which chrysaetos stands for golden, in Greek. In fact it is: as an adult it has a uniform color, dark brown, with red-golden reflections on the back and head. When it is young, it may instead show white spots on the tail and wings, fringed wings at the end, a detail that makes it unmistakable even when viewed from a distance.

As we will see, theGolden Eagle it has extraordinary dimensions, a protruding head, a wide and long tail, it is impossible not to notice its presence and this is perhaps why it is generally little "rumor", emits only the classic verse "kiok-kiok-kiok"But when it is in the reproductive period, between March and July, or if it is a young specimen. In that case, however, the purpose of the kiok is to attract the attention of parents.

L'wingspan of the golden eagle it is among the largest of all birds.

The ideal habitat of this majestic bird consists of all the mountain areas, the more inaccessible the more theGolden Eagle loves them, and goes to look for nesting walls. In general it is very attached to its territory which can even reach an extension of 500 km, depending on the food it finds there. By food, I mean small and medium sized mammals like rabbits, small fallow deer, squirrels, marmots. Or reptiles, or birds: grouse partridges and pheasants.

If you are wondering, the life of the couple'Golden Eagle she is calm, no particular gossip, she flies high. Male and female are faithful for life, once a soul mate is found this bird becomes sedentary, it creates a dozen nests in the chosen area, always on rock, in inaccessible places.

Golden Eagle in flight: video

The performance ofGolden Eagle leave you speechless, for altitude and speed and… spectacularity. Before talking about it, it is better to see the images in a very interesting video. It makes us feel likeGolden Eagle for a few minutes.

Click here to watch the video.

Golden Eagle: speed

It is not measured by eye, but the speed ofGolden Eagle it can also reach, in a dive, the limit of 300Km / h. It is not the only exceptional result, even when it rises in altitude, it reaches dizzying, enviable heights. While it doesn't always go that fast, it moves imposingly and majestically, often without even flapping its wings. During the vaulting, he then turns them upwards to form a very open "V" and then shows off various types of styles.

The characteristic festooned flight of the golden eagle it is used to defend one's own territory or during courtship, the spiral flight, again for the control of the territory, exploits the thermal currents, while the hunting flight is the one at low altitude, along the sides of the mountains, looking for prey.

Seeing this animal fly is an unmissable sight, we have only "tasted" it with the video, but let's imagine it from life. Even when standing still, however, there'Golden Eagle has its own charm: the deep gaze, the proud bearing, beak and claws that only a predator like her can show off.

Golden Eagle: weight

The weight of the golden eagle can be 6-7 kg and only 7% is due to the skeleton, the heaviest and largest is the female, as often happens with birds of prey: it is she who can reach up to 2 meters of wingspan. In general the total length of these birds is 74 - 87 cm, the tail alone is 26 - 33 cm.

We continue to give the numbers: sight is 6 times sharper than that of man, with a visual range of 300 degrees, in terms of longevity, we are around 15-20 years of life: not bad for a raptor.

Golden Eagle in Italy

In Italy theGolden Eagle it is present in a stable but scarce way: about 500 pairs of which 300 are in the Alps, 100 distributed along the Apennine ridge and the rest between Sicily and Sardinia. At one time this bird was quite common, not only in Italian skies but in all the more temperate areas of Europe, in northern Asia, in America, in Africa and also in Japan.

Today the risk of extinction is lurking: from Iceland and Ireland has already disappeared, throughout Europe there are 3,000 specimens, threatening it is poaching, but also the chemicals that we disperse into the environment on plantations and water, secondly claiming victims in the already scarce population ofGolden Eagle.

Returning to Italy, this raptor is protected throughout the territory and today there is a precarious numerical balance between the few births and deaths from poaching, at the beginning of the century we ran the risk of losing it as animal in the Alpine Arc and, last saved, today since 2001 it has been the subject of a project dedicated to her, shared by five large Alpine protected areas.

I am the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, theVal Grande National Park,the Fanes-Sennes-Braies and Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Parks, the South Tyrolean part of Stelvio Park and the Austrian Hohe Tauern Park. Always to protect and help the Golden Eagle to stay in Italy, dozens of centers for the recovery of wildlife that are equipped for the shelter, treatment and rehabilitation of animals like it.

Golden Eagle as a symbol in history

Strength, safety, beauty, flight, harmony, quick reflexes: this and much moreGolden Eagle it represents well and it is therefore no coincidence that from ancient times this bird of prey has been taken as a symbol of power in banners and crowns. And not only.

Let's review the main meanings it assumed starting at least from the Greeks for which it was a symbol of Zeus: the one who reflected its fundamental values. As the father of the gods, theGolden Eagle it has also entered the emblem of the Romans since the times of the republic and was then taken up by Charlemagne, Napoleon, the states of Eastern Europe, unfortunately by Hitler and Mussolini, as well as by the USA.

Even the Catholic Church has given it a meaning: it has elected it symbol of spirituality. There is also singing it in history Dante, in the sixth canto of Paradise. In the twentieth century, the Golden Eagle, as well as risking extinction, was also exploited by the totalitarian states that devastated Europe, fortunately it did not compromise its proud and powerful image that today many companies, companies and countries use to convey pride, nobility, divinity and pride.

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