Barbet: character and breeding

Barbet: character and breeding

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Barbet, very hairy, soft but muscular French hunting dog. This breed belongs to the group of retriever dogs, search dogs, water dogs, it is not widespread in Italy at all, so to know it it is really necessary to read about it here. We have received beautiful depictions of the time that portray these splendid animals intent on carrying out their task alongside French hunters and it is true that they are almost identical to today. The somatic characters of the Barbet they have survived centuries of history, honorable and otherwise, only that in those days it was called "Barbillotte".

Barbet: origins

The origins of this breed are certainly ancient, and they are certainly to be found in France. On the hypotheses, there are several but I will limit myself to telling the most credible and popular one even by expert experts. The Barbet would be the great-grandson of some dogs of the Saracens arrived in the land that was once inhabited by the Gauls following various invasions and wars.

It would therefore be an animal imported into France from the Iberian Peninsula, the move never stopped his much appreciated activity as a hunting dog, especially in the water, a practice in which he has always shown himself to be a real phenomenon, even within his group of dogs.

Not for nothing did Linnaeus himself baptize him "Canis Aquaticus”And many hunters chose it on purpose to help marshy areas, its habitat, where it shows no difficulty in capturing prey such as duck, for example.

But let's not imagine just one Barbet filthy, dirty with mud and dripping, because this dog was among those considered fashionable and, once polished, it had access - not a small thing - to the best stays in the prestigious residences of the French upper class. There, no ducks to catch, none swamp to wallow in: the Barbet it turns into pet dog and even in this capacity he is much loved, still today.

Barbet: puppies

The Barbet is a small to medium sized dog even if it must immediately be said that the hair deceives a lot. From the morphological point of view, this breed falls within the braccoids, and due to the aforementioned hair, it has an aspect that distinguishes it also in this category. IS' thick and woolly and, as we shall see better, it entirely covers its body, head, muzzle and feet included.

The physicist of the Barbet it is in fact vigorous and not particularly distinct, this does not mean that it is not proportionate and endowed with both good musculature and good bone. A male specimen of Barbet measure at the withers at least 58 cm, a female 5 or 6 cm less, the weight for both can vary between 15 and 25 kg.

This dog's hair apart from the chest is wide, developed and tall enough, the ribs appear well rounded and the neck must be short and strong, if thin, it is a defect. In general, this breed should not show small but robust, even in the limbs, covered with long hair, up to the round and wide feet. Also there tail is well hairy, a little raised and hook-shaped towards the end.

Moving on to the skull, round and wide, I still find hair even long enough to fall down to the nose and then there is even a long and thick beard, mustaches and thick and pigmented lips, entirely covered with hair. The Barbet truffle is black, The eyes are also dark with a lively and intelligent look, but dominated by thick eyebrows that darken their intentions a little. From the mountain of hair on the head the ears emerge, flat and obviously decorated with long, curled, stranded hair.

The cloak of the Barbet as well as abundant, it is with streaks but the allowed colors are black, gray, fawn brown, sand, white including all the shades of sand and fawn. The important thing is that the nuance extends to the whole body. Since the times, aware of how bulky this hair could be, albeit beautiful and choreographic, we began to Barbet so that he could be more agile, in hunting but also in elegant lounges full of ornaments and fragile furnishings.

Barbeti: character

The characteristic feature of this French dog, as far as its nature is concerned, is the almost absolute devotion it shows towards its master. It has many advantages, however: its inner beauty does not stop there. It is a sly, alert and intelligent dog, the Barbet, but not malicious and with bad intentions, in fact it is one a rather easy breed to train.

Being rustic and rather resistant, it adapts to various types of terrain and climate, over time it has learned to be the perfect dog for both the swamp and the noble home environment. Today it is therefore a popular dog for the family, also suitable for playing with children being balanced, never aggressive and very sociable. If we want to make him happy, let's make him feel good often in the water.

Barbet: farms

Not being a very widespread breed in Italy, there are also few farms that deal with it. The ENCI site for the Barbet indicates only a breeding in the province of La Spezia, "Della corte dei Berberi" and also online there are no other specific realities that usually host this beautiful breed. There is nothing to stop us from trying to advertise or contact the kennels in the area. If not a Barbet, maybe we will find a puppy similarly hairy and equally affectionate and intelligent.

Barbet: photo

To make the idea of ​​the amount of hair authentic the breed of the Barbet has, by standard, some images are needed. It cannot be denied that it has asoft and friendly air. Less hunting than other dogs of the same group but less "hairy".

Barbet: price

To know the price of a Barbet puppy it is necessary to contact the single realities or the private individuals that we can eventually find, available to sell them. It is all the more essential to remember to ask for documents, pedigrees and certified health conditions.

Also, let's find out about the more recurring defects, among these there are, for example, the narrow head, the clear eye, the short and fine ears, the long and wide neck, the short and coarse hair, a fine bone structure and uneven shades on the hair. Let alone, if the colors are not standard.

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