German Spaniel: characteristics and breeding

German Spaniel: characteristics and breeding

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German spaniel, from the authentic name of Deutscher Wachtelhund, is a dog of the group of those for retrieving, hunting and water, comes from Germany and mainly frequents environments such as marshes or that in any case are wooded. It is not really a pet and apartment dog, it is instead excellent as a four-legged aid for hunters, in fact "Deutscher Wachtelhund“, Means“ quail dog ”. In dog breed competitions between races, the German spaniel he has never been very successful but it is not of particular interest to him, he does an unparalleled job elsewhere and is not interested in parading and getting votes.

German Spaniel: hunting dog

Unlike others Spaniel that over the years they have created a second job as companion dogs, with the decline of hunting activities, ours German spaniel it is instead bred almost exclusively by hunters for hunters as a hunting and multipurpose dog. Today there are two varieties of this breed, the brown one is usually considered expert for hunting over short distances, roan dogs on the other hand for those over long distances where it is a question of following the trail. However, they are not distinct races and even today they are crossed several times with each other.

The first specimens of German spaniel reared they were only brown, sometimes with white markings, or brown and white, rarely enriched with fire-colored (red) markings on the head or limbs. As for the origin of this dog, hunting manuals have been talking about it for some time, arguing that the first breeding began at the beginning of the twentieth century. The progenitor of the German spaniel was Lord Augusta 1834 L, a native of Staufenberg, in Upper Bavaria.

German Spaniel: characteristics

The German spaniel he has all the credentials to be a "German longhaired pointing dog", he remembers him in everything except in size which in his case is medium-small. At the withers the males measure from 48 to 54 cm, the females slightly less, the weight for both goes from 20 to 30 kg.

This dog has a body structure designed to perform at its best in hunting, its only reason for life or almost: it is a "small bearer of heavy weights"And it is essential that he can keep his balance when carrying a hare or a fox. It is therefore rather long, with a good bone with clean lines, long and robust muscles, long withers, short back. The neck continues robust and without a trace of dewlap to support a rather thin head, with thin lips, not drooping and a very little marked stop.

The nose, on the other hand, is clearly visible and large, with wide open nostrils and black in color. Set high and wide, flat, the ears hang down but not to be too long, the dark brown eyes convey intelligence, are almond-shaped and positioned obliquely. Finally, the tail is never stiffened upwards and when it is German spaniel it is in action with its prey, it shows itself agitated.

The hair, unicolour dark brown or roan brown, only colors allowed, resistant, thick, wavy and not too long. It shouldn't even be too light or too silky, preferably a little curled or flat, always close to the body.

German Spaniel: breeding

Bred only for hunting and mainly in Germany, it German spaniel in Italy it is only in a Tuscan breeding, according to ENCI which on its website reports "Del re di piazza" in Lastra a Signa (FI) where to keep company with our Spaniel there is also the Parson Russel Spaniel. In general in Italy it German spaniel it is not impossible to find, the specimens registered by the ENCI site are about sixty.

German Spaniel: puppies

The puppies of the German spaniel they are usually set up to become hunting dogs for woods and swamps, then grown with training and driving action to excel in this activity. We cannot expect one Light-hearted German Spaniel to take to the gardens, as a retiree, or to do playing with the children in the garden. Especially since its aggression on biting animals is highly developed and some specimens can bite their prey by strangling them.

With the master it German spaniel it is said to be affectionate, for what it can be a dog with the character of a pointing animal suitable for the search for lost game. What is certain is that, even as a puppy, it is German spaniel He is able to work in the water and has a great sense of smell.

German Spaniel: price

A specimen of German Spaniel puppy it can cost between 500 and 700 euros, it depends a lot on the individual dog and the availability that currently exists at the breeding you are contacting. Since there is only one in Italy, first make a phone call or, even better, a trip to the Florentine, to find out the price and characteristics of a dog that is certainly not trivial to keep with us if hunters we are not.

When and if ever we will evaluate a puppy, it is good to know i recurring defects, such as a strongly marked stop, too abundant lips, deformed limbs and a black coat.

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