Green appliances with TopTen and Idealo

Green appliances with TopTen and Idealo

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The green appliances are the ones built for limit their energy consumption to a minimum and they are the ones that we all should buy to avoid waste and also to save on our bills! ... and the agreement between TopTen is Think it out which I will write about later.

To identify low-consumption appliances, special labels have been prepared by law indicating the energy class to which each appliance belongs on sale.

The classes range from D, the least virtuous with the highest consumption, to A +++, which distinguishes appliances that consume less energy.

Obviously, appliances of the A +++ range generally cost more than those of the lower classes but in reality the difference in cost compared to an appliance belonging to the lower ranges is already amortized after a few months of use.

The energy classes of household appliances

L'European Union is among the most interested and most committed to encouraging the purchase and use of low energy consumption appliances and to this end, within the program Horizon 2020, created to finance Research and Innovation Projects in Europe from 2014 to 2020, gave birth to the project Top Ten Act, to select products with the lowest energy consumption.

From 2006 to 2014, the Topten network claims to have contributed to save around the 15 TWh of energy, corresponding to 7.5 million tons of CO2 emissions.

In Italy the Topten project is managed by Eliante Onlus Social Cooperative, whose manager, Riccardo Nigro explained to us that the transparency of the methodologies for selecting products and, in general, the independence of Topten with respect to manufacturers and distribution companies is the first cornerstone of the initiative.

The product selection criteria are transparent and based on specific EU Regulations in all cases where energy labeling is required, on regulations Ecodesignor on other international standards, such as, Energy Star or TCO.

Topten's independence from producers and dealers is reaffirmed by the Topten Charter (art.8) and guaranteed by the absolute prohibition of undertaking any type of economic relationship while there is the utmost willingness to create constructive relationships with all parties in cause in order to better promote energy-efficient equipment.

At the moment Topten includes approx 900 products distributed in 16 product categories and 88 sub-categories.

Topten's advice also concerns the type of product to be purchased: in the case of a TV, for example, the size plays an important role in determining energy consumption: a 55 '' TV in energy class A ++ consumes up to 85 kWh / year while a 40 '' TV in class A + can only consume 50, so it is easy to understand that the indication of the energy class is only one of the elements to consider in purchasing decisions.

The portal , one of the largest online platforms for price and product comparison in Europe, is one of the partners of the Topten initiative and on its website allows you to easily identify the recommended EuroTopTen devices. Here are the steps to follow in its search engine:

The service offered by TopTen and a comparison search engine such as Idealo is valuable not only for private individuals but also for public bodies who can receive valid help in pursuing economic objectives in the field of green purchases and other realities that want promote the issues of energy efficiency towards consumers (eg consumer associations).

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