Fragrant flowers

Fragrant flowers

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Fragrant flowersable to emanate a strong fragrance in the entire garden, on the balcony or at home. Fragrant white or mottled flowers.

Green can give us magical moments to spend alone or in company, even better if the garden is full offragrant flowersand well equipped. To fully appreciate a garden, flowers are not enough but perfumes are necessary. The plants with white flowers they can perfume the garden both in spring and in summer.

Fragrant flowers

THEwhite fragrant flowersthey are ideal for decorating a balcony or a garden to be enjoyed at night, the white flowers stand out and take on the color of the lights. Artificial lighting gives white flowers an almost phosphorescent appearance. Somefragrant plantspresentflowersthat bloom at dusk and close in the morning.

All flowers with this characteristic (which open at dusk and close in the morning) are accompanied by an intense scent: at night, they need an extra weapon to attract pollinating insects and that weapon is the aroma. intense! These plants are unlikely to survive the winter in northern Italy while in the south they can be cultivated with a light heart: they givefragrant summer flowersable to conquer everyone. Among the various plants with these characteristics we point out the:

Beautiful at night

Its botanical name is Mirabilis jalapa. For its herbaceous green bush it is counted among theperennials, blooms from July until September withfragrant flowersfunnel-shaped and five-lobed. The fragrant flowers are 4 cm in diameter and gathered in groups of 3 - 6 specimens. These flowers give off a delicate scent and bloom at night. The beautiful at night is found with white or mottled flowers, the most common variety having white flowers mottled with fuchsia.

Hypomelia alba

It is counted among theperennialsdue to its green leaves, it has a climbing habit and is easy to grow. It bears fragrant flowers in summer and fall. The flowers stay open all night.

White fragrant flowers

Among the plants that always smell (24 hours a day, both day and night) the most classic ones bloom with a white bloom.

Balloon of May

The flask of May, botanically Viburnum opulus or more commonly Viburnum, is a spring flowering shrub. Its flowers are white in a spherical shape (as the name implies) and bloom in spring.

Jasmine and false jasmine

TheJasminebotanicallyJasminum, differs from false jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) for different characteristics. To distinguish a jasmine from a false jasmine look at the leaves: the jasmine Jasminum has lighter and less glossy leaves than the false jasmine which has slightly waxed leaves. In addition, the flowers are also different even if both have 5 petals, those of the false jasmine are more elongated. Both plants are very fragrant and can be grown on the wall, as climbing plants. You might be interested in:jasmine not blooming.

Fragrant trees: the lime tree

If you have adequate space in the garden, you can consider growing trees fromfragrant floweringlike linden. Its flowers are very fragrant, have a calyx with 5 sepals and a corolla with 5 yellowish petals.

Fragrant trees: magnolia grandiflora

Magnolia grandiflora, more often called only by the name of "magnolia", is a tree that needs a lot of space for its growth. It is loved for its leaves and its white and fragrant bloom.

Scented hydrangeas

Among the hydrangeas there are white varieties with an intense fragrance. The Levana variety of Hydragea paniculata has delicate, good-smelling flowers (summer flowering, July to October). Also of the species H. Paniculata we point out the Phantom which is characterized by first cream white flowers which, at the end of flowering, become old pink. Lovers of white flowers can aim for the Hydrangea macrophylla 'Sister Teresa', Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' and the very delicate and characteristic
Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snow Flake'.


The plumeria is appreciated for itsfragrant flowerswhite or white and yellow. In our country the plumeria is known as frangipani, frangipani or pomelia. For more information on the cultivation of this plant, please read the article: Plumeria, cultivation and flowering.


This plant native to Asia is highly appreciated for itsfragrant flowers. Its botanical name is Pittosporum tobira and there are different varieties for every need.

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