How to line a refrigerator

How to line a refrigerator

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How to line a refrigerator:instructions for lining a fridge with adhesive paper or films for decorating appliances. From installation to where to buy the most beautiful decorations for refrigerators.

To renew anddecorate the fridgeyou don't necessarily have to resort to painting: a good solution fordecorate the fridgeis given by the adhesive films!

On the market there is a particular adhesive paper created, specifically, for line the fridge frontally and, for those who wish, also sideways. There are different sizes and standards to suit all refrigerator models currently on the market. The most common measures are:

  • 60 x 170 cm
  • 70 x 170 cm
  • 60 x 180 cm
  • 60 x 150 cm
  • 95 x 180 cm
  • 50 x 175 cm

You don't have to be an expert to decorate the refrigerator, the only condition that must occur when you buy and use these decorative adhesive papers is that you must have good patience for their installation. A hasty implementation or poor materials could make you stumble in the formation of annoying onesair bubbles.

Good quality adhesive films are very easy to spread but those who are more insecure may decide to apply them on a hot summer day: the heat facilitates application making the adhesive paper easier to handle, flexible and even more elastic. thus preventing the formation of air bubbles. Before laying you can decide to slightly soften the adhesive paper by administering heat with a hairdryer.

Adhesive paper to decorate the fridge

As stated, there are many fridge decorations on the market. There are plastic adhesive papers (pvc), transparent adhesive films (always in pvc) and vinyl adhesive papers (a more resistant plastic, with a greater thickness and which can have particular textures). Where to buy the adhesive papers to cover the fridge? In shops specialized in DIY you can count on a fair selection of patterns but by taking advantage of the online purchase you can have a greater choice both in terms of materials and in terms of decorations; to get an idea of ​​the choices you have between adhesive paper films for the refrigerator, try typing the words "decorative refrigerator sticker" or "fridge stickers" on Amazon or click on the links below:

  • decorative fridge sticker
  • fridge stickers

How to line a refrigerator

If the refrigerator has imperfections, before applying the film you should sand the surface to make it as homogeneous as possible. If it is only superficial scratches, try to sand gently with fine grit sandpaper while if it is rust problems or real holes, you will need to pass a rust converter and a metal putty to level the hole. Before applying the adhesive paper, the surface of the refrigerator must be perfectly aligned and very clean. Eliminate residues of grease or dirt: clean the parts of the fridge as well as possible where the film will be applied.

Choose good quality stickers (the Decoo-be-Adhesive line available on Amazon is easy to spread) in order toline the refrigeratorwith less difficulty.

To perform goodfridge lining, you have to:

  • clean the substrate and obtain a homogeneous surface.
  • Take the measurements of the refrigerator to make customizations of the paper (cut it with a very sharp cutter, letting yourself be guided with a very long and rigid ruler, like the lines used in construction). Drill any holes at the height of the handles or plates.
  • If you have a steam cleaner, pass hot steam at high pressure over the refrigerator, it will clean and slightly heat the adhesion surface.
  • If you use decorative vinyl papers, take the hair dryer at medium temperature and low intensity, space the hairdryer 30 cm away from the adhesive paper and heat it slightly before application.

Begin to spread the paper from the bottom up and take care, with priority, of the smaller spaces (freezer box, drawers, lower or upper relief ...) which are the ones that require more attention.

Films for line the refrigeratorthey are self-adhesive, washable but not damage-free: handle the refrigerator with caution! Avoid placing the shopping bag on it and be careful if you use rings and bracelets, vinyl is more resistant as well as PVC cards, more delicate are the semi-transparent films so behave with caution.

There are also magnet effect fridge stickers: they are made of vinyl and therefore give more depth to the fridge! An example is given by fridge stickers Infinity Decoor iOs 9 appshown in the photo above.

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