Boerboel: characteristics, breeding and price

Boerboel: characteristics, breeding and price

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Boerboel, a breed not officially recognized but which has a great history behind it and an impressive physique. So massive and massive that we can't pretend it doesn't exist, despite the fact that the FCI hasn't included it on its list.

It is a dog that comes from South Africa, belongs to the group of pinscher, schauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs, its name is pronounced burbul even if you write Boerboel, but it is often referred to as the Lion of Africa. Just see a photo of it to understand why and nod.

Boerboel: characteristics

In its large size, the Boerboel has a balanced physique, a powerful appearance thanks to a developed musculature. Males at the withers measure on average 65 - 70 cm, and weigh 75 kg at least, the females are much less muscular but always remain large in size, compared to other breeds.

The trunk of this dog is broad and strong, with a broad and muscular chest. The head is also large and broad, with a marked but not prominent stop, ending with a voluminous black nose. The black mask may appear but is not mandatory. From the head emerge the ears, medium sized and "V" shaped, close-fitting, the eyes are large and brown, set wide apart but absolutely not prominent.

Let's move on to the tail: not long and set high, it is robust and wide at the root but then tapers off, without exaggerating. It may be darker than the body. For the rest, the coat has as many colors as possible fawn, amber, brown and brindle, with a short and soft coat, the undercoat is not very present, even considering the environment in which it lives. When the Boerboel has a regular and free gait, expresses calm and power.

Boerboel: character

In Denmark the Boerboel he was outlawed for his aggression but in truth he is a calm and imperturbable dog. It has the typical character of primitive dogs, not very exuberant, indeed, very calm and quiet but always alert.

With the owner and his loved ones he is protective, not expansive but you can see that he cares. Around be serious, with his head held high with a questioning look, at home he is quite active but not too wild and fits into family life even in the apartment without creating problems.

When it comes to defending a territory or a person, however, the Boerboel he is fearless and very determined, loyal. He loves to feel useful in the family, even playing with children.

Boerboel: farms

It is very difficult to find a breeding of Boerboel although not impossible: in Italy today there are few examples, some enthusiasts who went to get it ad hoc. In Africa there are not a thousand specimens but much less, some breeding in Europe can be found in Belgium, Holland or northern Europe.

As it is not yet an official breed, the search for a kennel and its certification is even more difficult. In 1990 the association SABT (South Africa boerboel breed association) had tried to make order among the examples of the moment and had selected 72 types among Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, then the Kennel Union of South Africa he managed to attract the attention of the FCI which still has difficulty in recognizing the breed status in an official way.

Boerboel: puppies

The puppies of Boerboel they have a considerable size, especially in comparison to other breeds that are half of them as adults. The origins of the puppies of Boerboel are to be found by translating the name that comes from the word "Boer" (from Dutch Afrikaans) farmer and "boel" dog. Since puppies, since ancient times, these dogs have been alongside the Boers in southern Africa, from 1652 and even earlier.

The various colonial events, the wars and the consequent displacements, have led the Boerboel to stay in inland areas of South Africa in rather isolated communities. This partly explains the low spread of this dog. In the mix of breeds that may have given rise and birth to the puppies of Boerboethere would be the Bullendijter and the Mastiff, L' Great Dane, the Bull terrier and the bullmastiff with traces of Rodesian Ridge Back

Boerboel: price

Probably not in South Africa, but here in Italy and in Europe, a Boerboel it costs a lot. Difficult to say how much because it is also difficult to find it, so it is better to admire it and choose the most available dog, perhaps in a kennel we find a similar one that is waiting for us.

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