Norwich Terrier: character and breeding

Norwich Terrier: character and breeding

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Norwich Terrier, a dog not very common in Italy, for now. Comes from Great Britain and is reckless and accustomed to bad weather. This breed has always been alongside that of the Norfolk Terrier, they are almost "brothers separated at birth" but there is the risk of confusing them if you do not know them well. Let's get to know them.

Norwich Terrier: origins

The two races, Norwich Terrier and Norfolk, differ only in one character, so it can be safely thought that they have the same origins. Our dog is therefore originally from the county of Norfolk and it is said that it derives from a repeated series of even casual crossings made by the farmers of that area. They already had small tawny and black-and-tan terriers and thus would have been created, the race, of course, living.

To do a bit of order, it was then decided to indicate with the name Norwich Terrier only the specimens that showed well erect ears: in this way the breed has assumed greater dignity in the canine and human world and began to register, precisely in England, a progressive and continuous increase of specimens belonging. Almost one successful marketing operation.

Another important step in the history of the breed of Norwich Terrier it is that moment in which, on 22 September 1964, it was officially declared a breed apart from the "Norfolk". After this divorce, things got even better. The official standard c "was already in 1933 but has been gradually updated. Across the ocean, in the United States, everything happened deferred.

Starting from the recognition of the race itself for which it is due wait for 1979, still does not count on large numbers, as indeed also in all European states. Only at home is it quite well known, but in limited areas and, coincidentally, close to where at the time the peasants created this breed.

Norwich Terrier: puppies

The puppies of Norwich Terrier they are small dogs, because in fact this breed has a small size. There is talk of a height at the withers of approx 25-26cm. It is not a very small dog, for a purse, but small yes, and also low on the limbs, compact and robust.

That's not to say it doesn't have all of its own dignity of an animalindeed, it is enough to look at him to feel his ardent spirit, his determination. Although in a mini body. The short and "consistent" back, it can be seen that the skeleton is robust. In the past this breed stood out because it showed proud the scars reported at work and in fights, when and where they were allowed, unfortunately.

The general appearance of the Norwich Terrier it is very solid, thanks to the right proportions and balanced ratios, almost studied at a table. The muzzle has a strong, wedge-shaped shape with a very marked stop, the lips are taut and the jaws dry and strong. The head of this dog is slightly rounded, showing a black nose and small, oval, dark eyes. Dark but not gloomy, on the contrary, full of vivacity, bright and fiery.

The ears of the Norwich Terrier they sprout erect and are one of the characteristics by which the breed can be recognized. They are placed far from each other, on top of the head, are pointed and of medium size. They are never sagging but when a purebred specimen is in attention then they are perfectly raised, rigid. The limbs of the Norwich Terrierthey are powerful even if not long, the tail never has exaggerated lengths but they don't cut it.

Norwich Terrier: coat

The mantle of the Norwich Terrier it is that of a dog that must resist the open air and, moreover, in a typical climate of the region where it was born. Not therefore purely Mediterranean. This is why this breed has adopted a hard and bristly coat, to be able to walk daily in the garden or in the woods without suffering.

Rough and straight, the hairs of the Norwich Terrier they make him appear a dog of even smaller tonnage than he is. Just think of other dogs with fluffy coats that inflate the physique: this is the opposite case: he appears even more collected and increasingly powerful. Despite being short, the hair must be cared for, cleaned and maintained continuously over time, without too many treatments but with diligence on the part of us owners.

In addition to the close-fitting hair, there is also a abundant undercoat, in general, the colors allowed by the standard are all shades of fawn, wheat, black and tan or grizzled. Let us remember how the breed was born, so it seems, from even casual crosses between small Terriers: it cannot be expected to have only pure colors. However, it can be expected that there are no white spots or patches, characteristics of the coat considered for a Norwich Terrier a defect.

Norwich Terrier: character

For years the specimens of the Norwich Terrier they were selected to excel in hunting activities. Given also the size, the target, the prey, they were mostly those wild animals considered harmful: country rats to be chased away, for example, both from the fields and from the houses themselves. This explains why looking at a Norwich Terrier even modern and citizen is perceived as it is always alert and ready to hear any kind of small noise. Or hint of presence.

It is a dog that is not called alert, but let's not confuse it with the fact of being fearful, it is not so: if it hears a noise, tries to understand its origin, it certainly does not run away. It is therefore a courageous dog, the Norwich Terrier, but not reckless, reckless nor, let alone, aggressive. Certainly not with men in general, much less with his master whom he grows fond of without fear.

In fact, with the people he knows he often appears affectionate, almost never intrusive or cheeky, only lively but who knows how to stay in his place. The Norwich Terrier is of an affable nature, not quarrelsome but often does his own thing, he is not impossible to educate but he is not the most docile dog in England.

Norwich Terrier: breeding

There are 5 farms officially registered on the Enci site to date. There are 2 in Emilia Romagna, one in Lazio and two others in Tuscany. In the latter region to host a breeding of Norwich Terrier are the provinces of Lucca and Grosseto, in Emilia Romagna the provinces concerned are those of Ravenna and Forli- Cesena. In Lazio, we have to go to the Viterbo area to find the Norwich Terrier to be adopted. Then there are other, few, farms that can be found online or more amateur, the certified ones Enci they are undoubtedly the safest.

Norwich Terrier: price

Before looking for farms near your area or online offers from strangers, we can already get an idea by reading up on the price. The Norwich Terrier it has a rather high price, around 1,500 euros if sold with all documents in place and in good condition. This is because it is not as widespread in Italy as in all of Europe. In the last decade, the Enci site indicates a slightly growing population, except in the last two years, but never over 35 Norwich Terrier registered a few years ago.

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