How to trace the owner from the license plate

How to trace the owner from the license plate

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How to find the owner from the license plate:from the license plate to the owner's name, here are the instructions to trace the name of the owner of a car from its license plate or to obtain other information (even free of charge).

Trace the owner of a car from the license plate it is possible by using one of the many services available online. There is still no reliable free service, therefore, in order to trace the holder of a car starting from the license plate, you will need to pay a registration which, according to the portals, ranges between 10 and 15 euros, however for those who wish we will also see how to go upto some vehicle data starting from the simple plate with a free service made available by the Revenue Agency.

How to trace the owner of the license plate: the paid service of the Automobile Club of Italy

The service we recommend is that of official portal of the ACI, it will be necessary to register on the website of theAutomobile Club of Italy to then be able to access the Public Automobile Register (PRA), that is the database that contains all the data regarding cars, motorcycles and trailers. The service costs € 8.83.

To access this database e trace the owner's name from the car's license plate, you must pay the amount of 8.83 euros and fill in a specific form by entering all your data (Name, Surname, tax code, date of birth, e-mail address ...) and billing data (your address and VAT number if you have one, attention, the VAT number is not necessary for access to the PRA database, it is completely optional).

As soon as the form is filled in, you will need to enter the vehicle license plate of your interest and choose the electronic payment method. In summary, here's how to go back from the plate to the name of the car owner:

1) Connect to the ACI website by following this address.
2) Choose the payment method.
You can pay by credit card or debit card, including PostePay.

3) Make sure that your credit card has at least € 8.83, of which € 6 is the cost of the survey + € 2.32 for access to the online service + 22% VAT taxable only for the cost of the online service .

4) Enter your data, such as
- Surname
- First name
- Fiscal Code
- Date of birth
- Phone
- Email (must be entered twice)

5) Enter the billing information ONLY if you have a VAT number and want to download the expense, otherwise SKIP this step.

6) Enter the vehicle registration number and the type of vehicle to be checked.
7) Enter the security code that appears in the box below (these are letters to type in the small text box).
8) Enter your credit card or debit card details. Confirm the Payment.

After following the above procedure, you will be shown the data of theownerof thelicense platereported.

How to find the owner of the license plate without a credit card

If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can perform the live procedure with cash payment. If you do not have credit cards, you can make the same request paying in cash at theACI Provincial Office of the Public Automobile Registry of your city; even at the ACI Provincial Office the cost to be paid will be around 9 euros.

As an alternative to the ACI Office, you can go to an exercise that deals with car practices. In this case you will have to pay the agency fees and the price can even exceed 20 euros as you will pay the agency commissions which are at the owner's discretion.

If you wish, you can open a debit card such as Poste Pay by contacting the nearest post office. The cost to open the PostePay-type debit card is 5 euros. All banks now offer debit cards with their own conditions, debit cards are not binding and can be used to pay the registration certificate for access to the Public Vehicle Register and obtain the name and surname of the car owner starting from its license plate.

How to get information on the car starting from the free license plate

The service made available by ACI is completely legal as the Public Automobile Register (PRA) is a public database in which registrations, transcripts and annotations relating to cars, motor vehicles and trailers are entered. In addition, the operation will remain completely anonymous: the license plate owner will never be informed about your search. Although the PRA is a public register, there are costs involved in accessing it. Those who do not want to bear the cost of 8.83 euros will not be able to trace the owner's name but will be able to obtain other information on the vehicle.

If you want to know simpler information from the license plate, such as the year of registration, the engine capacity and information about the vehicle (and not the owner), it will be possible to consult freethe service made available by the portal of the revenue agency which allows you to calculate the stamp duty. By following the procedure for calculating the car tax, you will be informed about the vehicle data such as:

  • day, month and year of first registration
  • Supply
  • Approval
  • Scope
  • Vehicle weight
  • Region of residence of the owner
  • Displacement
  • Horsepower
  • Anti-pollution legislation
  • other info on the vehicle.

For more detailed instructions you can access the page How to pay the car tax. The image in the middle of the page shows the fields to be filled in fortrace the owner's namefrom the plate using the tool made available byItalian Automobile Club.

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