Savings on autonomous heating, driving

Savings on autonomous heating, driving

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Saving on autonomous heating: a complete guide that will allow you a goodsavings on autonomous heatingand not.

Here are our practical tips forsave on heating in the houseand optimize home comfort. Always remember that maintenance is critical tosave on home heating, be it agasbe it biomass.

1) Bleed radiators and radiators
Before turning the radiators and radiators back on annually, remember to bleed them. In addition to being purged of the air through the appropriate valve, the radiators must always be cleared of any obstacle. Remove furniture or other obstacles adjacent to the radiators, any object prevents the diffusion of heat by treading on consumption.

For all information on how to bleed the radiators:how to release the air from radiators.

2) Humidifiers for thesavings on autonomous heating
Free the radiators from dust by carefully cleaning the cavities placed between the radiant columns. Forsave on heating in the houseand always have the right degree of domestic comfort, use a humidifier: these are small ceramic jugs to be filled with water and anchored to the radiator. Remember to always top up the water level every day. The right degree of humidity will increase home thermal comfort, allowing you to save on autonomous heating.

3) Intelligent air changes
It is true that you have to keep the windows open but ... do it at the right times! It will be enough to keep the windows wide open for only 2 minutes of the clock to ensure a complete air change. The air change should be done in the morning as soon as you wake up. It is useless to make more air changes per day (in the absence of special needs), indeed, useless and harmful since it will only make you waste energy.

In case of special needs (if you are a smoker, host a large number of pets, asthmatics ...) consider adopting a ventilation system with heat recovery. For further information:ventilation system with heat recovery.

4) Beware ofautonomous heating
Who has an autonomous system, most of all, must learn to use the thermostat well. Set temperatures to 20 ° C and the ignition according to your daily routine. At home it is not recommended to have temperatures above 20 ° C. Excess heat can destabilize our immune defenses with the temperature changes typical of this period, plus unnecessary degrees are charged dearly on the heating bill: just one degree more is enough to increase energy expenditure by 8% .

5) Install the thermostatic valves
With thermostatic valves you can only heat the rooms used and adjust the temperature according to real domestic needs. A minimum investment is enough to install thermostatic valves, thus avoiding waste and obtaining good savings on heating.

6) Learn to use thermostatic valves
Thermostatic valves, mandatory in condominiums with central heating, are a very useful tool forsave energy on heating. Unfortunately, not everyone really knows how they work. To understand how thermostatic valves work and how they are used, we invite you to read our guideHow to use thermostatic valves.

7) Adjust the boiler
From the boiler you can adjust the temperature of the water flowing through the system. The water that flows into the radiators must have a temperature not exceeding 45 ° C. Each additional degree, even in this case, will see an increase inconsumption of heatingbetween 6 and 8%. Access the boiler control panel and, if necessary, lower this value.

8) Periodic checks on the boiler
Each manufacturer establishes periodic checks to be carried out on the boiler. Entrust maintenance to a professional and remember to respect the laws in force regarding "boiler controls". In particular, the so-calledsmoke control, allows you to keep the system more efficient andsave on heating. An inefficient boiler can make you consume excess gas, even over 30%. For more information:boiler control and mandatory maintenance.

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