SANA in Bologna: the results of the 2016 edition

SANA in Bologna: the results of the 2016 edition

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SANA of Bologna, as soon as the 2016 edition has closed, we can speak with certainty of success, for this reference event, and of growth in the organic and natural sector, to which the days are dedicated.
Nationally and internationally, for i sectors of nutrition, body care and green lifestyle, the SANA of Bologna it is an essential appointment to know and buy the best. If the operators mark it on the agenda, the visitors also consider it a quality opportunity: in addition to being more numerous every year, they are increasingly qualified and prepared. They know what they want and what they are looking for and at SANA in Bologna they find it.

SANA in Bologna: success numbers

In addition to the increase in the number of attendees, the 2016 edition that just ended saw growth in the assortment, in the interest of operators and the public, "physical" interest but also media and social. The visitors were 47,221, exhibitors almost 20% more than in 2015 (833 in total) and the space available to hostand SANA of Bologna it increased by a third.

An expansion operation necessary to accommodate meetings between Institutions, Bodies, Associations, producers, buyers and consumers who look with interest to organic and natural sector and specifically at SANA in Bologna as the top of the events in Italy, the second in Europe.

There is no shortage of networking opportunities with Beyond 60 appointments, conferences, workshops and presentations, 2,300 b2b meetings with international buyers arriving from 27 countries starting from Friday 9 September, spread over 5 large pavilions.

The growing interest in the sector and the lounge area it also appeared on the online channels of HEALTHY with + 20% visits and over 52,000 visits in the days of the fair alone, and on Facebook and Twitter profiles. On the first SANA of Bologna reached i 16,000 fans, and on Twitter the profile was viewed 792,828 views in the last week with an average of 74,435 per day.

SANA in Bologna: the protagonists

To open this edition of SANA of Bologna there was Andrea Olivero, Deputy Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies who took the opportunity to emphasize the government's commitment to regulatory simplification, the revision of the control system and the allocation of more resources to organic farming.

The strategy would provide for the coordination of several "moves": incentives for regional development plans, actions on supply chain policies and on inter-professionalism, focus on training and research and interventions for the promotion of Made in Italy abroad.

The BolognaFiere General Manager Antonio Bruzzone did not fail to thank exhibitors and operators, as well as the partners of the SANA of Bologna including Federbio, Cosmetica Italia, IFOAM and ICE.

SANA in Bologna: the winners

The pavilions of the Fair were also the stage for crowning ceremonies the winners of the Sana Novelty award, including Granomela di Baule Volante for the organic food sector, Baciamibio di Montalto Bellezza Bio for natural and organic Body Care, the BioDynamic Bollard for Oidium of the Vine by Agri.Bio.Piemonte for the green lifestyle.

To the SANA of Bologna six attended blogger officers who in turn voted for what won them over in a HEALTHY way. Raw Cocoa, he succeeded with the Hazelnut and Cocoa Cream, Le Erbe di Janas with the Prickly Pear and Saffron Moisturizing Mask and the Bamboo Eco Cups produced by ECoffee Cup and distributed by Fior di Loto.

SANA in Bologna: conferences and solidarity

Organic and natural, and also supportive SANA of Bologna which opened with the announcement by Antonio Bruzzone of the initiative in favor of the populations affected by the recent earthquake. For each ticket sold at full price for entry to the show, 1 euro was donated to help those who, after the shocks, need a hand.

SANA di Bologna: market data

If the numbers of visitors to SANA in Bologna are satisfactory, even those of the market concerning the sector are no less. This is confirmed bySANA-ICE Observatory 2016All the numbers of Bio”Promoted and financed by ICE in collaboration with BolognaFiere and created by Nomisma with the patronage of FederBio and AssoBio.

Apparently in Italy out of 10 families at least 7 families have bought at least one organic product once in the last year, which means that organic has entered about 18 million homes. The other most important indicators are also growing such as operators (+ 8.2% compared to 2014), sales (+ 15% compared to 2014) and exports, which grew by + 16% compared to a year ago, compared to to 2008 the figure astounds: + 408%.

Before writing the next dates on the agenda SANA of Bologna, let's watch the video 2016:

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