Repaint the fixtures, doors and windows

Repaint the fixtures, doors and windows

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Repaint the fixtures: how to paint wooden or aluminum doors and windows. Home DIY has never been easier: here is a complete guide for everyone.

On this page we will tell you how to perform therepainting of the fixturesand wooden shutters. From the most suitable products for painting aluminum windows to the best methods for treating wood to make it resist the external environment of the house for a long time.

Repaint the fixtures to give them a new life

If your windows manage to insulate the house from heat loss, why change them? Better to do a good repaint so as to save on the cost of buying new doors or windows.

The wooden frames, especially the shutters exposed 24 hours a day to atmospheric agents, tend to be damaged in a short time: cracks, pieces of paint that rise, faded colors… Even materials such as PVC and aluminum, over time, can have damaged finishes. Before you start thinking about repair costs, carefully evaluate the situation and consider a do-it-yourself recovery.

DIY painting the windows

In reality, it is enough to have good dexterity to eliminate the cost of painting the frames. The expense is minimal because you will have to limit yourself to buying some basic equipment and suitable paint. The family economic budget will thank you!

Rearranging all the fixtures in the house is not a task to be completed in one day. We recommend that you arrange one per weekend. If you've never done anything like this, start with itexternal shuttersor from the woods of the balustrades: these do not have glass that complicates life even though they are generally the most damaged because they are exposed to the outside.

Repaint wooden window frames

Because of the sun's rays and the thermal excursions to which the old ones are subjected wooden shutters and Venetian blinds, the paint tends to rise with the formation of cracks in the wood in which water can easily penetrate. It is important to carry out proper maintenance of the wooden shutters so as not to have to resort to restoration works when they are now ruined.

The first thing to do forpainting a wooden windowconsists in the disassembly of the window. Once disassembled, follow the instructions in the guide article on howRestoring ruined wooden shutters. The same guide is useful for paintingexternal shutters, balustrades of balconies and wooden profiles of doors and windows.

Where to place the fixtures to be painted

When you paint a window frame, place it on two goats or trestles, the wooden trestles can be bought with a few euros in the DIY and Do-it-Yourself centers. If you want professional non-wooden products, rely on online purchases where you can take advantage of very competitive prices: two professional polypropylene trestles, with a load capacity of 450 kg, are offered on Amazon at a price of 51.19 euros with expenses of free shipping.

The purchase of professional trestles is recommended only if there are numerous windows to be restored and only if you do not already have a reliable and long-lasting base of support.

Paint the aluminum frames

Aluminum and anodized aluminum are very popular materials for the manufacture of windows. Topaint the aluminum(both the old type, and the more modern one, therefore anodized) it is necessary to roughen the surface of the metal to allow the paint to adhere.

Anodized aluminum is characterized by an electrochemical treatment that covers the entire surface with a very thin layer of oxide that protects the aluminum from corrosion.

For the treatment of aluminum, do-it-yourself is recommended only for those who already own a compressed air gun (it will be used for sandblasting) and a hot gun for paint stripping. If the bottom of the aluminum frame is healthy and does not show cracks, it can be repainted by passing a layer of primer before the paint, however, if the frame is damaged (paint raised and cracked) it will be necessary to proceed with the removal of the old paint.

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