Centrifuged: 5 recipes not to be missed

Centrifuged: 5 recipes not to be missed

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Centrifuged, based on fruit or vegetables, or using both by inventing combinations like "magic potion" like Asterix and Obelix. Roosters and comics aside, the Centrifugates are an excellent idea to supplement our daily diet, both in summer, refreshing us and providing us with mineral salts, either in winter with an extra dose of vitamin C or a detox effect in view of "'important" dinners.

Let's see some recipes, then taking the full freedom to customize it. THE Centrifuged they must first of all be a pleasure, not a medicine. Compared to juices they usually have less fiber and to prepare them you need to have an extractor or centrifuge which, however, working at a higher speed could lead to the ingredients deteriorating.

Nothing poisonous, but fewer vitamins and fewer enzymes. The advice is to taste the Freshly prepared juices, to capture all the nutritional properties they can offer us. If possible and if to our taste, we can avoid peeling the ingredients if I'm organic, so much more in substance and, speaking of substance, let's see which ones we can mix to get different effects from Homemade centrifuged.

1) Fruit centrifuge

Based on grapefruit, apple and papaya this, among others Fruit juices, it is one of the most effective in cases of sudden hunger in the middle of an afternoon or mid-morning. Just have a grapefruit, better a pink grapefruit for those who don't like sour flavors very much, and then centrifuge it by combining it with one green apple and half a papaya. The latter is not strictly necessary: ​​if we do not find it or do not love it, we can eliminate it from the recipe and correct it with a pinch of cinnamon!

2) Detox centrifuge

THE Green vegetable juices they are among the most popular among those looking for a detoxifying effect in these drinks. There are some that mix fruit and vegetables - and we'll see - but 100% green vegetables is the ultimate detox. It also gives us energy, containing baby spinach, to which we add cucumber, celery stalks and, even if it is not a vegetable, a little lemon juice, post-spin.

3) Slimming centrifuge

Classic fat burner, among all Centrifuged, the one with pineapple and always spinach. The coupling will seem strange but once mixed together and combined with cucumbers, green apple, 2 mint leaves and ginger, you will be amazed at the excellent result. In taste and in Kg.

4) Vegetable centrifuge

THE Vegetable juices in addition to being healthy and often detoxifying, they have another important function. They make those who find it hard to eat vegetables eaten if placed on the plate. Thirst-quenching and tasty, these Centrifugates are usually easy to prepare because they are based on seasonal vegetables which, if eaten raw, give a considerable amount of vitamins in the daily balance.

Here are some recipe ideas for those who love or will love an originalVegetable juice

5) Anti-cellulite centrifuged

Not that they exist Anti-cellulite centrifuged ad hoc, but of course there are recipes with ingredients that can be precious to drain and deflate our body. Two examples, certainly not the only ones, are the Centrifuged with celery and carrots or based on kiwis and oranges.

The first also contains cucumber, an apple, parsley, and spinach leaves, in place of the apple is also good the pear depending on your taste. In the case of the Kiwi-orange pairing, rich in vitamin C, we get Perfect centrifuged also to reduce cholesterol, to increase iron absorption and to purify the body.

Juice extractor for centrifuged

Without putting our finger either in the centrifuge, or in the extractor, or in the dispute between followers of one and the other, we see the characteristics of the latter so that we can decide for ourselves whether it is for us or not.

Compared to the centrifuge, the extractor for Centrifuged produces juices by grinding fruit and vegetables more quietly and producing less waste. More efficient, the extractor for Centrifuged successfully copes with even leafy vegetables and is more easy to clean, a very minor detail if we love enjoy it Centrifuged often.

It is not without its disadvantages, of course, and I do not hide them: many believe that the juices obtained using it are more rich in vitamins and enzymes but you have to be richer to buy one of these devices given the price. Also the time it took to produce Centrifuged it is greater than the centrifuge but it is also true that it only takes a few minutes.

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