How to repair a door

How to repair a door

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How to repair a door: Tips for fixing a scratched wooden door, a crawling door or a broken door.

How to fix a hole in the door

In the case of a broken door or a door that has a crack, do-it-yourself repairs are not recommended because ideally the entire wooden panel should be changed. In any case, those who want to save canfixing a door with holes in itwith our guide.

With our explanation forrepair a broken dooryou can get a smooth and homogeneous surface with little money.

First of all, get some wood putty and newspaper; you must have at hand a spatula, some gummed paper and 250 grit sandpaper. On the market you can find the filler of the most suitable color for your door, so you don't have to waste time repainting. You canfix the doorwithout taking it apart. Here's how to proceed:

  • Take some newspaper, roll it up and put it in the hole. Add a lot of paper and press until the hole is filled but without creating an excessive thickness: the paper must be level with the surface of the door.
  • Level everything with putty. With the spatula, insert the grout into the hole and leave it flush with the top.
  • When the grout has dried, sand with 250-grit sandpaper. To avoid damaging the door, you can circumscribe the area of ​​the hole with gummed paper, in this way you can perform a safe sanding.

To make the door prettier and mask the hole, you can decide to paint the door, cover it or decorate it with the stencil technique.

If the door has been broken down for a good part, the newspaper will not hold. Newspaper is useful for repairing a hole in the door but not for a smashed door.

Forrepair a broken dooryou should create a "mixture" given by the same residues of the broken door and vinyl glue. Fill the hole with these rigid materials and then level with the putty as seen in the guide above.

How to fix a scratched wooden door

THEscratches in a wooden doorthey are very easy to repair. If they are very deep, you may want to use a more suitable colored wood filler. Sixscratches on the doorthey are more superficial, perhaps left by the paws of your dog, they can be repaired even more easily with waxy resin type filler for wood.

The trade, there are ready-to-use kits that are easy to manage, and were created for the repair of scratches in wood (furniture, doors, parquet, tables ...). These kits fill the crack created by the scratch, restoring a perfectly homogeneous surface. These kits can be used on any wooden surface: oiled, lacquered or natural. They adapt to the most disparate shades according to your needs.

For completeness, we indicate a very cheap and easy to use kit:
Repair kit for parquet, laminate and wooden slats
Amazon price: 29.99 euros with free shipping

How to use? The tubes consist of synthetic waxes that onceloosewith a special yellow applicator, they solidify and fill the crack of the scratch.

How to fix a crawling door

If, when you open the door, it rubs on the floor, it needs a little repair! In this case you have toact on the fixed hinge of the door. Just disassemble the door and insert a washer on the fixed hinge and then replace the door which will remain, thanks to the washer, spaced one mm from the floor.

When disassembling the door, take advantage of lubricating the hinge pin! To remove the door from its hinges you just have to lift it off the ground. If the door is very heavy or difficult to handle, you can help yourself with a roller shutter strap to pass under the door. The door must be detached from the hinges in two because the effort is considerable.

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