Organic products: what they are and where to buy them

Organic products: what they are and where to buy them

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Organic products, so much is said about them that then the legitimate doubt arises of knowing them and being able to distinguish them. I mean those "organic sayings" and those that really are. Maybe they are chosen automatically, because it sounds good and they make us think that they are better than others, but do we know the benefits they bring us? Better to investigate in order to then learn to distinguish similar faxes and for a cart more and more consciously filled.

Products from organic farming

Organic farming, also called and with greater knowledge of the facts, organic agriculture or ecological agriculture, is based on the principle of conservation of the organic substance of the soil and aims to have a low environmental impact by promoting the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates. For this, and for many other reasons, it is not intended for the Organic products the use of synthetic products and GMOs.

Compared to traditional agriculture, organic farming starts with the idea of exploit the natural fertility of the soil by limiting the “external” interventions, the difference between the two ways of proceeding, what makes i virtuous Organic products, it is evident looking at the auxiliary energy introduced into the agrosystem in the two cases.

Bio re-uses matter mainly in organic form limiting other types of interventions to a minimum while conventional agriculture employs a significant amount of auxiliary energy coming, for example, from'Chemical, mining, mechanical industry.

Organic products: rules on labeling

We come to the sore point, very important for those who do not choose i Organic products following fashion, but because he really believes in it. To be sure to use Certified organic products it is necessary to know how to read the labels and, before that, to know we can trust. There are in fact strict regulations which mean that they cannot be flaunt the term "organic" at random.

"Organic", "bio", "organic" and all other similar terms can only be combined with those products that comply with regulations 834/07 and 889/08, whoever inserts these words on his label is responsible before the law regarding the conformity of the product.

It is fair to say that I am Organic products those with ingredients not deriving from agricultural activity and the non-organic processing aids used, those without GMOs, moreover the organic ingredients have not been mixed with other non-organic ingredients.

It is necessary to be gods Organic products, not having undergone treatments with manufacturing aids and technological adjuvants other than those permitted in organic regulation, or even ionizing radiation treatments. Those who want to deepen this aspect, as a user or as a manufacturer, or as a distributor, can find precise information on the AIAB website.

Organic products in store and online: where to compare them

If once they were "niche" and with prices that were sometimes impossible for those who wanted to use them every day, today Organic products they can be purchased in small and large shops, sometimes you just need to ask or look more carefully on the shelf without automatically grabbing the package from the familiar packaging.

For those who have no way of doing this "organic hunting ", you can easily buy your "green" products online on Amazon, there is a wide choice in all sectors, from creams to shampoos, clothes, baby food, not to mention herbal teas, teas and biscuits.

Organic products for cosmetics

One of the sectors in which i Organic products they are much sought after and requested, is that of cosmetics. All the more reason if you want to have an elegant, sober, but daily make-up, choosing what caresses and does not irritate the skin is important. And if, by doing so, agriculture with low environmental impact is also encouraged, so much the better. For those who want to change their makeup and fill up cosmetic bag of organic products, here is an article to know how to proceed: Organic cosmetics

Organic hair products

A separate chapter wants just for the Organic hair products, given how many there are and how difficult it is to understand which are the best. There are numerous products based on Argan, excellent for a resistant and at the same time luminous hair, for example the InstaNatural shampoo stands out for its100% pure Argan oil which it contains, imported from Morocco and of the best quality. Without looking for it in shops who knows where, you can find it on Amazon for less than 12 euros in 100 ml packs.

In this shampoo, as well as in other well-certified, it is not an "alleged" ingredient but well present, you can see it from the effect that can be seen on the hair from roots to ends, of Argan as well as vitamin B5 which keeps the skin healthy and enhances our hair color.

Organic products for children

There are many Organic products for children's hygiene, as for adults, many will already know its existence, so I prefer to focus on the clothing sector. This striped romper - my passion - with long sleeves with feet, is made of certified organic interlock cotton.

Produced by Popolini by Iobio, it is comfortable, it opens both on the shoulder and in the inner part of the leg with press studs, thus allowing easy change. It is suitable for all climates, so you can at any time buy on Amazon for 28 Euros.

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