Ganoderma mushroom, all the info

Ganoderma mushroom, all the info

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Ganoderma mushroom:opinions, what it is, what benefits it brings and all useful information on the use ofganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma, what is it

Theganodermait is a leathery mushroom, very rich in tannins and with a woody consistency. Due to its characteristics, this mushroom is not edible.

It grows on decaying wood, especially on oak or chestnut.

TheGanoderma lucidum is a fugue that has always been appreciated in China for itsmedicinal properties. According toTraditional Chinese Medicine, the fugo ganoderma it would be able to regulate cholesterol, blood sugar and have a positive effect on blood circulation and cardiac arrhythmia.

In China and Japan, theganoderma mushroomit has been used since ancient times: for use, the mushroom is first dried in the sun and then reduced to powder. TheGanoderma lucidumit is used for the preparation of decoctions, ointments, liqueurs or transformed into tablets.

In Japan, ganoderma lucidum is known by the name of Reishi and only the fruiting body is used for the higher concentration of active ingredients.

Ganoderma mushroom, does it really work?

TheGanoderma lucidum, for some time, it has jumped to the attention of new media and social networks and in the forums there is no lack of heated discussions on its usefulness with opinions very conflicting.

Let's face it right away, theganodermait is not a miraculous mushroom, it will not make you lose weight in a few days…. but it certainly has interesting beneficial properties. Let's find out together.

Ganoderma mushroom, properties

TheGanoderma lucidum, as well as two other popular mushrooms (Shitake and Maitake, with their respective botanical names Lentinula edodes and Grifola frondosa), can boastpropertyantivirals, antioxidants and immunostimulants.

Tests performed in vitro * have shown that anti-inflammatory and cyto-toxic fungal triterpenes can have an inhibiting effect on the proliferation of cancer cells.

Does ganoderma mushroom make you lose weight?

Theganoderma mushroomhas over 200 different active ingredients, among those currently identified and with a proven effect, we point out the beta-glucans which make up 60% of the fungal cell wall. Theganoderma mushroomit can be useful in weight loss because beta-glucans increase the sense of satiety and improve the composition of the bacterial flora present in our intestine. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is beta glucans that improve blood glucose and triglyceride levels. If you are looking fornatural remedies for weight losstake a look at our guide onhow to use cumin.

Other active principles of considerable interest, contained in the ganoderma, are the triterpenes; these compounds are able to reduce allergic reactions by limiting the production of histamine. Among the properties of triterpenes, we mention the ability to improve cell metabolism and promote liver function.

Improves the immune system

To theganoderma mushroom immunostimulating as well as antiallergic properties have been attributed. According to traditional Chinese medicine, preparations based onganoderma lucidumthey would be able to perform a beneficial activity on inflamed respiratory mucous membranes and a certain ability in regulating blood pressure and heartbeat.

Ganoderma mushroom, where to buy it

Those interested in the properties of ganoderma can take it in tablet form. Before use, we recommend that you read the methods of intake and the dosages shown on the package label.

Among the various products on the market we point out the Ganoderma lucidumReishi Ling-Zhi, offered on Amazon at a price of 19.80 euros. We have recommended this product because it consists of 100% dried and pulverized ganoderma lucidum, without the addition of other ingredients. As in the Japanese tradition, only the fruiting body was used for the preparation of the tablets indicated.

* The results of laboratory tests have been published by: Thyagarajan A, Jedinak A, Nguyen H, Terry C, Baldridge LA, Jiang J, Sliva D .. The study entitled “Triterpenes from Ganoderma Lucidum induces autophagy in colon cancer through the inhibition of p38 mitogen-activated kinase (p38 MAPK), ”was published in Nutr Cancer volume 62, issue 5, in 2010. The research appears from page 630 to page 640.

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