Parkrun: free and timed green rides

Parkrun: free and timed green rides

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parkrun, it is written just like that, all in lowercase, and it is the beautiful project of group runs (and walks!) in the parks of cities around the world, timed but completely free, conceived by Paul Sinton-Hewitt.

October 2nd 2004 is the date on which the first parkrun, to Bushy Park, Teddington, a district located in South London, where the first 13 parkrunners ran for 5 km coordinated by 4 volunteers: Paul and Joanne Sinton-Hewitt, Duncan Gaskell, Simon Hedger and Robin Drummond.

Since that day the parkrun phenomenon has literally exploded in cities around the world and today parkrun is run in hundreds of cities in 14 states around the world!

The parkruns are 5km long and take place every Saturday morning at 9am local time. It is possible to run or walk.

The important thing is to have fun in the greenery of parks around the world and make new friends every week!

Parkrun in Italy

parkrun arrives in Italy thanks to the initiative of Giorgio Cambiano who, after meeting the founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton Hewitt, and having his full approval, creates the first official parkrun course in Palermo, in Parco Uditore.

Here is a video made by the videomaker Francesco Catalano that shows you Paul's visit to the parkrun of Parco Uditore ...

Today in Italy they take place every Saturday morning 16 parkrun:

  • in Milan, at the Parco Nord
  • in Rome, at the Caffarella Park and the Pineto Park
  • in Palermo, at Parco Uditore, at Parco della Favorita and at Foro Italico as well as in the nearby village of Montelepre
  • in Florence, at the Nicholas Green Garden
  • in Lucca, in a suggestive path along the city walls
  • in Montecatini Terme, with meeting point in Viale Fedel Fedeli
  • in Padua, at the Butterfly Park
  • in Trieste, at the Storga Park
  • in Rimini, at the Marecchia Park
  • in Salento, within the Rauccio Woods and Marshes Regional Natural Park
  • in Lecce, in the Park of Belloluogo, via in Vecchia Surbo
  • on the slopes of Mount Etna, with meeting point in Via Goethe, in Nicolosi

Parkrun: how to sign up

Registration for events parkrun it is "unique and always valid", in the sense that registration gives the right to participate in all the races organized every Saturday around the world!

At the end of the registration process, you will receive an email containing a link to your private area where you can download and print a barcode to take to the events to allow the timing of your time.

The electronic form to fill in with your data to register is available on the official website of parkrun Italy.

Parkrun: timekeeping and rankings

parkrun is NOT a competitive race. Everyone can to run at the pace you prefer or even to walk. You will therefore find professional runners who will run 5 km under 18 minutes, "unpretentious" runners like myself who only think about keeping fit or "walkers" who will only think about getting some movement and having fun chatting along the way.

When the "go" is given, the timing starts and when you cross the finish line you receive a "tag" which is then associated by a volunteer with the scan of your bar code, determining the race time of each member.

A few hours after the end of each event, an email is sent to all participants with the ranking and individual times, plus some fun information, such as the percentile of their performance in relation to the age of all participants in all parkrun of the world.

Here, for example, is the ranking of the 6th edition of the North Milan parkrun, in which I participated, ranking in 7th position, creating my "personal best", which is automatically reported in the "notes" field, when you make the best time. all your parkruns.

Parkrun Milan North

parkrun Milano Nord, is held every week in Parco Nord, located north of Milan, and is the edition of parkrun in which I participate every Saturday, unless I have other commitments.

The founder of this edition is my friend Massimiliano Fava. The meeting point if you want to participate is viale Suzzani 283, which is also the address of The Race Workshop, a service center dedicated to running enthusiasts located a few meters from the park entrance where you can take advantage of a very convenient shower and changing room service (for a fee of 3 euros). L'Workshop of the Corsa it also organizes courses for running and running technique held by the two owners certified FIDAL instructors, Pier Bergonti ed Elena Griffa.

The path of the parkrun Milan North takes place entirely within the North Park, on flat ground, 2 laps of 2.5 km, and thanks to the footage of Andis Ozols (whom I thank) I can show you entirely in this video:

If you want to come running let me know so we can meet in person and run together… if you don't go too fast! ;-)

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