How to get rid of silicone

How to get rid of silicone

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How to get rid of silicone: tips on how to remove silicone from glass, floor, marble and other surfaces, including hands!

We can feel the need forto removethe old silicone from the profiles of the glass plates in the bathroom, or from the kitchen wall, where there were polyurethane panels that a few years earlier we had improperly glued with silicone. On this page you will find out how to meet this need and how to eliminate the cool silicone or already well dry!

How to remove fresh silicone

It's easy to mess up: a moment of distraction and the damage is done! We end up with a still fresh silicone stain. When thesiliconeit's stillfreshit's easy toto remove: just dry cloth rags and insist on the surface, without using any detergent.

How to act?
First of all, collect the excess of fresh silicone with a spatula. Then remove all fresh silicone residues using clean rags.

How to get rid of dry silicone

Silicone is a siliceous compound rich in organic functional groups. In commerce they are foundsiliconesof all sorts, from liquid to lubricating ones, up to talking about resinous silicone-based compounds! In short, when we talk aboutsiliconewe refer to a large number of materials… On this page we will refer tosiliconewhich is most often used in the home: the one that, once dry and well dried, has a rubbery appearance! The one used as a sealant to eliminate drafts or in the joints to create water barriers (silicone sealant).

If you are lucky, the silicone will come off entirely by pulling it to one side as you would with the adhesive label of a beer. Silicone only comes off spontaneously when it is very old and only when placed on very smooth surfaces such as glass plates or walls. If the silicone is not very old you will not have the same luck and you will have to perform a mechanical and a chemical phase (with the use of a solvent).

To get rid of the old silicone, you first need a knife or a sharp scraper.

When using the cutter, not only will you have to be careful not to cut yourself but also not to scratch the surface. Never position the tip of the cutter perpendicular to the action surface. Cut away the silicone using the blade and the tip of the utility knife perpendicular to the surface. Work without ever letting the tip of the cutter come into contact with the surface to be freed.

We would like to point out a scraper useful for removing silicone even from joints or corners:

  • Wolfcraft, Roller guide scraper
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With the mechanical operation, we remove the "large" and superficial part of the silicone. If the silicone is not very old, there will certainly be residues on the bottom that do not go away very easily.

In this context you will have to resort to specific solvents. On the market there are very aggressive spray solvents (also in scented version, but no less harmful), which allow to eliminate the residual silicone residues. These solvents have a targeted spray applicator (a tube) that allows you to perform a targeted application. As these are very aggressive and harmful products, we advise you to use them in small quantities: spray only on the affected area and in small quantities.

Where to buy the solvent to eliminate silicone?
In stores specializing in the sale of construction items or by taking advantage of online shopping: on Amazon you can find various purchase proposals!

Natural remedies to remove silicone residues

If the amount of silicone to be removed is minimal, especially if the silicone to be removed is on the glass, you can use high dosages of alcohol. Alcohol acts like a solvent and will help you remove silicone residues. Of course, it does not act as quickly and effectively as a specifically formulated solvent but it is much safer for the environment and human health.

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