Fruit compositions

Fruit compositions

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Fresh fruit compositions, even carved, but not necessarily, they are an excellent idea for decorating the table at a dinner or party. They can be specially designed for a special occasion such as Christmas or Birthday, or for a scenographic buffet lunch. Let's see what types of Fruit compositions they are more suitable for each occasion and how to make them in a short time, without wasting food.

Fresh fruit compositions

The Fresh fruit compositions more appreciated are those that see the skewers as protagonists. In this way, we create our work of art and then we taste it before the fruit goes bad. To compose some summer skewers I recommend to merge melon, apple, banana and strawberry, towards autumn the grapes cannot be missing, the apple remains, and the kiwi is added.

In winter, citrus fruits are i protagonists but always accompanied by apple, pear and even bananas, if you want, until spring gives us, when it is advanced, even peaches, apricots and pineapples.

Compositions of cut fruit

The Compositions of carved fruit they can be real works of art. Someone will have seen one in real life, perhaps in some gala, wedding or business buffet scene.

There are real artists who are dedicated to carving Fruit compositions transforming the skin of watermelons and melons into real sculptures. Faces, landscapes, writings, perspectives of churches and houses, messages of love or congratulations on a long-awaited birth.

Compositions of fruit and flowers

In summer and spring, to liven up ours Fruit compositions, we can put flowers in it. We take care of the colors and that they are not flowers that wither in a short time. Better to opt for sunflowers or giant daisies that are an important presence and character but at the same simple and colorful.

Compositions of fruit and vegetables

In winter and autumn, not being able to count on flowers, we can make do with vegetables to enrich our own fruit compositions and present them at the table, too on New Year's Eve. Decorative pumpkins are very effective, on an aesthetic level, other vegetables that can be pleasing to the eye are for example the trumpet courgettes, asparagus, but they do not last a lot, carrots or radishes.

Fruit compositions for Christmas

The Fruit compositions for Christmas they are usually based on dried fruit. It is therefore a riot of walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and pistachios. Cashews are also very welcome and dates also appear for the sweet tooth.

A very interesting pairing is what he sees there dried fruit flanked by tangerines in the Edible compositions: a solution that satisfies everyone, even the healthiest or those on a diet who, at the end of an interminable lunch, do not feel like eat fruit, “A mandarin is always good”.

Fruit compositions for buffets

Those who participate in conventions or ceremonies, or those who organize them, will often have seen tables set with all kinds of delicacies, but also Various fruit compositions that, colorful and refined, give an artistic and casual touch to the too rigid atmosphere. Often it is about carved fruit, but it can happen to find fruit architectures such as pyramids of mandarins, trays of strawberries, skewers of grapes and pineapple or expanses of various fruit cut into pieces and arranged as if it were a mosaic.

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