Insomnia: causes and natural remedies

Insomnia: causes and natural remedies

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Insomnia, a nuisance in name and in fact, because it is a real annoyance to find yourself hostage for hours and hours of being unable to fall asleep. Or the inversion of normal sleep rhythms, so that when everyone is perky, we want to take a napinstead, staying awake and active while friends, relatives and enemies "snore" blissfully. L'Insomnia hides other pathologies, sometimes, while on some occasions it is simply the manifestation of a state of temporary restlessness. Better to know the different causes but also i most effective natural remedies to cure it.


It is defined as conditioned when it becomes a chronic problem. This means that we begin to live with the nightmare of not being able to sleep, a fear that becomes pervasive and torments us not only when evening comes, but even early in the morning. Because we already know the following night we will be hours and hours alone waiting for a sleep that never comes.

In this situation a real vicious circle and becomes insomnia caused by insomnia. There are other examples that concern other aspects of our life, which show a similar dynamic, it is a reflex emotional activation.

To try to break free from this trap, it is necessary to ignore it. This is not a joke, because what happens is that we fall asleep more easily when we don't force ourselves to do it: let's get distracted, read, watch a movie, pet our cat. He sure knows fight insomnia.

Insomnia: causes

Those stress that experts define as psychosocial they are the most frequent cause, an example of all are conflicting relationships in the work or family environment. Even severe depression can prevent us from falling asleep and the same goes for a physical pain, snoring, sleep apnea and jet lag.

Self we abuse exciting substances, we must know that we could suffer from insomnia for this reason, food allergies are also one cause of sleep disturbances and the list also includes menopause and thyroid hyperactivity.

Insomnia of love

Between stresses or reasons for depression that can lead us to sleepless nights and nights, there are also heart problems. It depends a lot on our character and on how we react to the adventures of love we are experiencing, we cannot always decide to pay no attention to our broken heart and "sleep on it" as a friend might recommend.

Insomnia natural remedies

Between recommended herbal remedies to combat insomnia we find all those medicinal plants that help relax the nervous or muscular or circulatory system, or that promote falling asleep and improve the quality of our nights with closed eyes.

There lemon balm leaves, for example, they calm anxiety, and relax the muscles, thus fighting the insomnia caused by excessive fatigue, nervousness, premenstrual syndrome, spasms and muscle tension. Also the leaves of the Passiflora they stimulate sleep if disturbed by hysterical, phobic, obsessive and post-traumatic neurosis, Biancospino and Lime are then suitable for subjects who need to reduce palpitations, agitation, anguish.

Then there are plants that induce sleep are like the note Valerian, Escolzia, Hops. Another natural remedy for insomnia can be the Chamomile.

Insomnia in pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy is transient but still annoying, so it is better to learn some tricks to fight it. It is useful to drink plenty of water, but never at night, the same goes for physical activity, not too close to bedtime. A snack before bedtime can help you fall asleep, as can a warm bath. During the night if the weather permits, it can be useful leave a window open, of course whatever season it is, it is recommended to leave a small light on.

Insomnia: recipes

Everyone has their own tastes and favorite dishes, but there are some that are particularly suitable for inducing sleep, even unexpectedly. Zucchini, green beans, pesto, boiled potatoes, fruit salad they are excellent, but we can also indulge in more complex recipes such as that of Risotto with lettuce, with a side of potatoes and leeks, finishing the dinner with one caramelized apple dipped in mulled wine. A more original way is that of recipes with edible flowers.

Insomnia: movies

If we really can't sleep, a good movie is a great company. Especially if themed, such as "Insomnia”, Directed by Christopher Nolan, remake of a Norwegian film of the same name, directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg.
If we are more book types, this is what it takes "How to fall asleep: the 20 best habits to defeat insomnia, sleep well and wake up rested!”.

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