Real giant animals

Real giant animals

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Real giant animals, even if it is hard to believe. There is evidence and there is undoubtedly to be amazed by these phenomena. From insects to marine animals, creatures from Guinness that look like something out of a science fiction movie. Instead, they exist or have existed. Let us be surprised by nature and we downsize our human ego.

Real giant animals: the most famous

There are many dogs, and we are used to having them in the house of various sizes, but one like George the giant I challenge you to keep him in his bed or by your side on the sofa.

It is, or rather it was, a Great Dane, which died in 2013, weighing 1.09 meters and 111 kg. Certainly a record for a dog but if we move on to cattle we reach almost two meters of the Blossom Cow, span 13 years in all its peaceful grandeur.

If we want to talk about real giant animals, we cannot fail to mention the rabbit Dario which, in its small size, is the largest rabbit in the world as it is 1.3 meters tall and weighs 22.2 kg. Even in the world of butterflies, there are giants, like the Morpho Hercules whose females sport wings with a total opening of 20 cm.

Needless to say, the largest frog in the world is called Goliath and can measure 33 cm, for 3.25 kg. Among the real giant animals there is also the bull "Field Marshall": 1.6 tons of animal, still living, British citizen.

Giant real marine animals

A dip in the blue, to find other phenomena, such as Crabzilla, Japanese spider crab which measures more than 3 meters and continues to grow despite being over 40: it is said that it could even reach 4 and a half meters. It sounds like a legend but there really is a huge animal called King of the Herring, fish 5.5 meters long: it took 16 people to lift it, in California.

It weighs memo but always remains one of the most interesting real giant marine animals, Nomura's Medusa, host of Chinese and Japanese waters, in all its 200 kg for 2 meters in length. It is not marine in the true sense of the word but is in salt water, the largest crocodile in the world, spotted and photographed in the Philippines: it is 6.4 meters long, including nose and tail.

True hybrid giant animals

It can be considered a cross between a bat and a fox, comes from Malaysia, and looks like a flying fox but is considered the largest bat in the world being a 1.5 kg animal with a wingspan that can reach 1.8 meters.

There Ligre Hercules it is instead a cross between a lion and a tiger, precisely because it was born from the mating between a male lion and a female tiger, it is the largest feline in the world, measuring 3.3 meters in length and weighing 418.2 kilograms

This is a hybrid between a giant animal and a soft pillow cotton elephant, companion of dreams, at 9 euros His measures are not comparable to those of Real giant animals, otherwise it wouldn't fit in the cradle, wouldn't it?

Weird real giant animals

There are Real giant animals which are harder to believe true than other, more mundane, like dog and cow. I refer for example toAchatina Fulica which is then a very large African snail: it exceeds 20 centimeters in length.

In the world of insects we can mention the Deinacrida, from New Zealand, as weird as the coconut crab which, despite being the largest arthropod on earth, is not yet famous. It also measures 40 cm, weighs 5 kg and climbs trees.

From China comes one giant salamander, the largest amphibian in the world 1.8 meters high and with a mass of 30 kg. It is not as anomalous as other real giant animals, but its measurements are: I'm talking about “The Big Pig”, 900 Kg of pig, 2.5 m long.

Extinct giant animals

Even in the past, there have been Real giant animals and it is good to remember them, because it is worthwhile to observe with whom our ancestors lived together. Being able to find giants of the past among the Extinct animals.

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