Grow potatoes, the guide

Grow potatoes, the guide

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Grow potatoes: instructions on growing potatoes at home or in the garden. From cultivation in the bag to that in the open field. Step by step procedure, from germination to harvest.

Grow potatoes it's not very difficult, you just need a lot of space if you intend to get strong harvests. For cultivation in the garden or in pots, the seedlings must be placed at least 35 cm from each other.

Who wantsgrow potatoes at homehe will have to resign himself to cultivating one or two plants aiming forcultivation in the bag. In this context, several kilograms of potatoes can be obtained. Is growing potatoes worthwhile? Yup! In fact, anycultivationdo it yourself is worth it! Not only does it save a little money on food shopping, above all it gives you the guarantee of bringing truly genuine products to the table. No organic brand can give you such a guarantee!

If you mean grow potatoes at home or on the balcony, do not forget that it is a very special cultivation: this vegetable grows underground! It is a tuber! In the article you will find all the useful instructions for growing potatoes in the garden or at home.

How to sprout potatoes

It is not necessary to buy seeds or seedlings. If you have potatoes at home, you can definitely start a crop!

Before planting the potatoes, place them on a tray, in a cool place with natural light for 3 - 6 weeks. Warning! You don't have to put potatoes in the sun!

Waiting times vary by potato. If the potatoes have been harvested for a long time, it will take a short time to germinate.

When the potatoes have sprouted, you can proceed with cultivation.

The tubers intended for sowing have many "eyes" from which the jets develop. Generally these "eyes" are close together or placed at the extremes.

With a single potato, you can get as many plants as its eyes are. Small potatoes can give birth to one or two plants while larger potatoes can give birth to three or four plants.

Before sowing, cut the potatoes making sure that each piece has at least one pair of "eyes".

Grow small potatoes or large potatoes

Here is a peasant method for growing several small potatoes or a smaller number of larger potatoes.

To get many small potatoes, it is advisable to leave 5 sprouts for each potato and cut the others for larger potatoes, just leave 3 sprouts, making sure they are as far apart as possible.

Basically, if you want large potatoes, rhyme withsow potatoes, both in the garden and in the pot or in the bag, eliminate the secondary shoots, which are weaker and less developed. If you want smaller potatoes, leave more "eyes" or sprouts on each individual piece of potato to be sown.

How to grow potatoes in the vegetable garden

Fertilize the soil with nutrients preferably of biological origin.

Then create holes about 50 cm deep, spaced at least 30 cm apart in a row.

Place the potatoes in each hole, leaving the sprouts to develop upwards.

If it is a question of many potatoes, it is good to distribute them in several rows at least 70 cm apart to allow the potatoes to grow well.

Water constantly, especially in summer.

It is possible that during cultivation there may be many insects or parasites, treat with the right remedies to avoid ruining the crop preferably with natural methods.

How to grow potatoes in a bag or in a pot

The cultivation of potatoes in pots or in bags is a very widespread reality in the home environment. Who wantsgrow potatoes at home can take advantage of very tall pots, buckets, recovery bins or bags.

For thisDIY cultivationyou just need a lot, fertile soil (universal soil) and potatoes to sprout as described above.

With fertile soil, fill the bag halfway. Arrange the potatoes on the soil cultivatespaced as much as possible from each other and cover them with other soil.

During the growth of the potatoes in the bag, if new roots appear on the surface, cover with more soil. The potatoes are harvested when the leaves on the surfaces are now withered.

For the harvest, simply pierce the bottom of the bag and sift through the soil until you find your treasure ... well-developed tubers.

If you don't have a lot to use forgrow potatoes at home, special reusable bags are sold on Amazon and in garden centers. On Amazon, two potato growing bags are priced at 13.99 euros.

How to know when to harvest potatoes

The harvest period is in early autumn. Two weeks before harvest, cut the plants above the root leaving them on the ground then remove the soil to harvest them. Now the potatoes are ready to be cooked.

Useful information: to understand if it is the right time to harvest the potatoes, just rub the peel, if it does not come off, the potatoes are ripe for harvesting.

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