Turmeric mask for acne

Turmeric mask for acne

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Turmeric mask, using the lesser known properties of this powder obtained from a more famous root as a spice. The numerous active ingredients contained in turmeric mean that it has antioxidant properties able to counteract the'Activity of free radicals and thus slow down the aging process. Another reason why this powder is considered almost magical is related to the effect it can have both on the immune system: it strengthens and purifies the liver and intestines.

Before going to know what the Turmeric mask it must be said that its dust boasts healing and disinfectant effects, purifies the blood and is useful in cases of constipation, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Turmeric and honey mask

To prepare a Turmeric mask it is necessary to look for the aromatic one, let's not get confused using the classic kitchen variety, edible and which also stains a lot. Imagine what effect it would have if smeared on your face!

There C. Aromatic in turn, it is able to reduce skin impurities and prevent skin dehydration. As for the spots, instead of making them, he removes them from our skin. A Turmeric and honey mask it's pretty easy to prepare and serve for prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Taken half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, added two teaspoons of almond or argan oil, another two teaspoons of sandalwood powder and the same number of clay, prepare a mixture by adding honey. A spoon, of the most liquid, to facilitate preparation.

When ours Turmeric and honey mask it has the desired consistency, to remove wrinkles of a few years it should be applied on the face and neck. Let's wait a quarter of an hour, maximum, and remove it with several rinses at low temperatures.

I say this now but it applies to all the masks to follow: before spreading all over the face, let's start test them on a small portion of the skin on your arm to check that you are not allergic!

Turmeric mask for acne

One of the most popular is the Turmeric mask to combat acne, both adolescents and those over 20 years of age, you see pimples and similar blemishes appear on the face. This is because the recipe we are going to discover is useful for restoring the balance of the skin and to clean it deeply: in addition to treating acne, it can also remedy eczema and irritation.

Turmeric powder has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties that make redness and infections disappear. For the Turmeric mask for acne you need two tablespoons of turmeric, one of rice flour, two of yogurt and a half of honey. Here too the honey softens the impact of the other ingredients on our face.

All the ingredients are mixed until you get one uniform and spreadable paste sul with a brush. After 20 minutes we can rinse but let's remember that to see concrete effects the turmeric mask should be done at least once a week. Minimum.

Turmeric and lemon mask

We can also add lemon to turmeric to obtain one mask suitable for purifying the skin, with an astringent action on impurities. The result will be a radiant and smooth skin. They always serve turmeric and rice powder, then milk, tomatoes, rosehip oil, sandalwood powder, chickpea flour, whole white yogurt and our lemon that gives a revitalizing touch. The mixture obtained can be applied both on the face and on the eyes but be careful to avoid the most delicate eye area.

Turmeric mask: opinions

Who wants to try one Turmeric mask to understand what effect it has before buying all the ingredients to prepare it at home, you can buy one on Amazon, without parabens.

There DIY turmeric mask or purchased does not go though never applied to the eyebrows or hairline. For rinsing, the water should be used cold or lukewarm, drying the face in a delicate but precise way.

If someone can scare the yellowish halo that Turmeric mask sometimes it leaves, you know that with an extra wash on the face or a pass of detergent, everything passes, without rubbing or worrying. If we repeat the treatment with the Turmeric mask at least once a week, we will get concrete results and a naturally smiling face.

You can make your own turmeric baths with water and turmeric. The page is available for all instructionsgolden milkwhich explains the benefits of turmeric milk for external or internal use.

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