How to wash soft toy

How to wash soft toy

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How to wash soft toy: washing instructions (by hand or in the washing machine) of your children's puppets. When should they be washed and how to avoid damaging them.

Teddy bear orpuppets they can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. On this page we will find out how to perform the washing the puppets without ruining them.

How to wash soft toy

THETeddy bearthey are as loved by children as they are by themdust mites: on the surfaces ofpuppetsas well as in the padding, grains of dirt, organic matter and debris of all kinds lurk. This condition can be dangerous for allergic or asthmatic children. In the most extreme cases, soft toys can carry diseases.

Just like we do with our underwear, i toopuppetsof children need washing. The only concern will be not to damage our child's toy.

If you don't have onedryer, wash on a very sunny day and early in the morning.

Can the puppets be machine washed?

Everysnowmanhas its own label, check for any washing warnings. In the article how to read fabric labels we have shown you all the symbols to consider before starting a washing in the washing machine.

In principle, it is possible wash the soft toys in the washing machinebut it is good to make sure by taking a look at the label.

How to wash soft toys in the washing machine

To prevent theTeddy bearcan get damaged, put it in a pillowcase or in a rather thick fabric bag.

Set a washing programlightfor delicate clothes, if your washing machine has the programDiamondorDiamond,use this. Alternatively, any program with a temperature below 30 ° C will work.

When washing soft toys, use half a dose of detergent or use an ecological detergent. Even detergents can trigger allergic attacks so use it in moderation.

To avoid the hair of thesnowmancan harden or the surface can become felted, add half a glass of vinegar (which will also act as a mild disinfectant) and a couple of crumpled aluminum sheets.

Just as you divide your clothes by colors, don't mix stuffed toys of too different colors.

How to wash soft toy by hand

Fill a basin with cold water and in the water, add a few drops of shampoo or natural Marseille soap (warning! We said Natural and not Marseille-scented detergent).

Again, add half a glass of vinegar. Let insoakingthe puppet for at least 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, transfer the puppet to a basin with non-soapy water and let it soak for another 15 minutes.

Conclude by squeezing the soft toy very gently.

How to dry the soft toy

THEpuppetsof children dry very slowly. Avoid placing them in the sun as they may discolour. You can dry them in a warm environment such as near a radiator or in a ventilated area.

Avoid consuming energy by activating the hairdryer, natural drying is slower but still effective: you just have to be patient.

How to wash children's toys

Not onlyplush and dolls. Alsoplastic toysthey must be sanitized.

Research from Georgia State University has verified that microorganisms can survive on rigid plasticstoys... really inconvenient if someone has the flu at home! Toys could cause a relapse or infection between siblings.

In nurseries as well as homes and schools, plastic toys should be washed periodically.

Also in this case, for periodic washing it will be enough to immerse the toys in water. The most scrupulous people could wash with specific products.

Disinfect children's soft toys and toys

To disinfect soft toys and toys, specific disinfectant products can be used. We recommend this practice especially forplush of cats and dogs or if there are pets in the house.

Among the most reliable specific products on the market, we point outNapisan Extra Protectionwhich is easy to find on the market (at the supermarket you can buy it with about 5 euros while on Amazon it is available for 3.31 euros with free shipping costs).

It is a disinfectant to be used in moderation: it is, in effect, a medical device created to disinfect clothes, pillows, sheets and even soft toys.

Useful link from Amaz: Napisan Extra Protection

Please Note!It also exists in liquid packaging but is unjustifiably more expensive, you would go to pay for a bottle and lots of water. The powder product is more concentrated and you pay half the price.

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