Lunar eclipse 2017

Lunar eclipse 2017

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Lunar eclipse 2017, a detail is coming that is ready to make us roll our eyes. Why is it to be understood, and why it is not the "classic" Lunar Eclipse. Between 10 and 11 February we will be able to see the penumbral eclipse, to better appreciate it, let's see what it is, what is hidden behind the scenes of this show.

Lunar eclipse 2017: what it is

When we talk about Lunar Eclipse 2017, it immediately comes natural to think of the image of one Red Moon, that of the total eclipse of the moon. This time the sky, and the satellite, will surprise us by remaining only partially obscured. For this we speak of partial moon eclipse of penumbra.

Lunar eclipse 2017: when it will occur

Let's mark this appointment on the calendar: the night of February 10, the one between 10 and 11, almost coinciding with the Valentine's Day. Better so we can enjoy the phases of the eclipse. The Moon will enter the penumbra at 23:32 on 10 February, but the maximum ofLunar eclipse 2017 is scheduled for one and 43 minutes of what will already be 11 February. For night owls, and for lunatics, we also need to know when the Moon will come out of the Eclipse: just before 4 in the morning, at 3:55 to be precise.

Lunar eclipse 2017 from Italy

L'Lunar eclipse 2017 he does not make preferences, between North and South, Center and Islands. For those lucky enough not to live in an area with a fort light pollution, it will be possible to admire the show, in any part of our country. Also in rest of Europe this partial darkening will be observable, and in Africa, and then in America, but only in the eastern part, and in Asia but only in the western areas of Asia.

Penumbral lunar eclipse

Let's go back to the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse, to understand what it means is penumbral. The Earth is able to intercept only a part of the Sun's rays, when the Sun, Earth and moon are aligned in this order there is a 'lunar eclipse of penumbra because the satellite in the penumbra of the Earth instead of crossing the shadow it projects.

To see the difference betweenLunar eclipse 2017, in February, and a classic total eclipse of the moon, we must wait for the latter to occur as well. It is scheduled for January 31, 2018. On this date the shadow cone projected by the Earth will go to obscure the Moon entirelybeing wider, and there will be another even larger cone called the penumbra cone.

The next solar eclipse

If we want to talk about eclipses, and we are kind of impatient, on 21 August 2017 we can deceive the wait with a solar eclipse. This summer night, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun. This equally fascinating phenomenon with respect toLunar eclipse 2017, will be visible in the US, as the shadow of the satellite will pass through 14 states, from Oregon to South Carolina.

While causing wonder and clamor, the solar eclipses they are not as rare as one is led to believe, one can be seen every 18 months. Not all of them are observable from large areas of the Earth, however, and that is why theEclipse of 21 August it is long overdue. Precisely it is since February 1979 that one Eclipse of the Sun it wasn't visible from so many states, 48. Also it's therefor the first time in 99 years that the phenomenon spans an entire continent from coast to coast. If we miss it, we have to wait until 2024. If you are passionate about astronomical phenomena, don't tell me you have lost it Blood Moon

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