Kippy: the GPS to not lose your dog

Kippy: the GPS to not lose your dog

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Kippy he is a friend, a friend of someone like me who owns dogs and cats and if he doesn't see them around for too many hours, he begins to worry. Kippy is indeed a device capable of locating our friends via GPS and at the same time monitoring their motor activity. It is the first time that these two functions are present in the same object, a great convenience for those who want to have a trained dog and cat and at the same time be sure not to lose track of them.

Kippy and data on lost animals

Kippy's idea does not meet a niche of particularly caring and anxious pet owners. The data on the loss of animals speak clearly and tell of a rather widespread problem that can be solved with this agile device, also useful for associations of abandoned cats and dogs.

The European animal welfare associations that have studied this problem report that even one in three pets is lost at least once during their lifetime and 20% are never found again.

Kippy the GPS: how it works

Let's see how Kippy works, this device that finds a lost dog or cat in a few minutes and keeps them monitored. Kippy records all the data of their positions so that they are always available for consultation. It is not necessary to be an expert in cartography to understand them, it provides them to us an easy and well viewable format even on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Obviously, data is always updated, in real time.

We come to the Kippy object: it is waterproof and has a very resistant steel and velcro attachment, the battery lasts one week and is rechargeable. To protect it there is an ABS anti-shock body, as far as GPS is concerned, it is remote daily download of the satellite ephemeris optimizes the times of connection to the satellites.

If it happens that the signal disappears, there is still a function that indicates the area where our animal is located thanks to triangulation of nearby telephone cells. Those who need assistance can then call, write an email or communicate using the Kippy Facebook page.

Kippy: advantages

Once Kippy is hooked to the collar of our little dog, or dog, or to that of our cat, we have equipped it with a truly complete tool. Kippy tracks and monitors it, leaving us calm even if we take it abroad where tracking continues to work.

As read in the features of the device, Kippy uses well two different technologies to locate the animal, to reassure us of its effectiveness. the GPS it works and has an unlimited range of action, technology takes over LBS when the GPS signal disappears, so we do not lose the traces of the disappeared, crossing information relating to the cell phone cells.

Kippy: where to use it

This active and connected Activity Tracker, excellent for pets who are particularly inclined to adventure, or that we fear they will get lost through distraction, now ensures maximum coverage throughout Europe, Turkey, India and South Africa. Even those traveling with their dog or cat can equip themselves with Kippy and spend a peaceful holiday.

Kippy: the advantages over competitor products

There are other products on the market with GPS detectors but Kippy has a number of unique advantages. Here they are:

- Unlimited tracking distance unlike similar products on the market. If you go on vacation abroad with your pet, Kippy works like at home.

- Live tracking GPS signal update frequency every 6 seconds with the consequence that the detector does not provide a single point but continues to track your pet until you find it.

- Personalized messages based on the Pet profile set and the activity written by experts and veterinarians

- Coverage throughout Europe, India, Turkey and South Africa guaranteed by the support of more than one hundred operators at no additional roaming costs. For this reason, Kippy requires a subscription to a mobile telephone operator: the device detects the position with respect to the satellites but needs telephone networks to communicate it to the app at any distance.

You can read more information about Kippy and possibly buy it on the official website:

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