Allergy to the cat: what to do

Allergy to the cat: what to do

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Allergy to the cat, I do not envy those who suffer from it because, for how I love cats, it would be a real punishment not to be able to caress them freely. Who knows how many think like me? Let's see if it is so impossible to live with one of these felines, or if there are some tricks to deal with cat allergy without going crazy. This also applies to those who have relatives and friends who host these animals: it is difficult to visit them without spending the evening coughing and rubbing their eyes.

L'cat allergy it is a physiological reaction that affects many people and has nothing to do with our attitude towards these animals: whether we like it or we hate it, the symptoms of allergy are not pleasant at all. They can be mild and bearable but also serious, enough to push us to go to a doctor or allergist.

Allergy to the cat: causes

L'cat allergy it is linked to the presence in your saliva of certain enzymes and the Fel D1 protein which, in addition to saliva, is also found in urine, dead skin flakes and tears. Nothing to do with the hair itself, therefore, the cat's coat bothers us only because he, repeatedly licking for her daily toilet, he wets it with saliva, making it intolerable to cat allergy sufferers.

Moreover, being particularly volatile and light, these allergens are perceived not only when we pet a cat or come into close contact with it. Sometimes it just takes him sitting a day earlier in the chair we're working on to make us sneeze all afternoon.

Allergy to the cat what to do

If we don't have a severe form of cat allergy and we really want to keep one with us, we can use some very simple tricks to make sure that its presence does not bother us.

Let's avoid touching the cat's litter box directly and strive to keep always clean the common areas between us and them, the felines. This also means changing the sheets often, covering the sofas with special scarves, washing them often so that do not collect hair. Obviously, even the same cat must be brushed once a day and washed once every two weeks with specific products.

Clean the environment and clean the cat, it's up to us to wash our hands carefully, if we suffer from cat allergy, and above all let us remember that when we come into contact with the animal and its fur, it is not necessary to scratch our eyes and the skin of the face, which is delicate and easier to irritate. Finally, it costs nothing use a product that purifies the air and quality products for washing carpets and anything that can attract and retain hair.

Allergy to cat: cough

Cough is the first symptom that we ideally link to cat allergy but it is not the only one, alas. It is often accompanied by rhinitis, sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and face. Symptoms such as a tearful soul may even occur, continuous and unmotivated fatigue, breathing difficulties, tightness in the chest.

When we suspect that we are or have become allergic to cats, consult a doctor, eg an allergist who tests our condition and advice us how to stem all these annoyances There are also medical remedies such as antihistamines, vaccines, decongestant sprays, eye drops or corticosteroids, from case to case it is necessary to let the expert indicate which is the most suitable.

Allergy to the cat: spots on the skin

Sometimes thecat allergy can also irritate the skin. A classic symptom is itching but also the formation of spots, spots that are not just an aesthetic problem! They itch a lot and if we scratch them too much they can be an inflammation to keep under control. Especially if they are on the face or in areas where the skin is delicate and fragile.

When cat allergy is combined with that typically spring to pollen, it is very important to take precautions and prevent symptoms.

Allergy to the cat: test

It is not necessary to hunt the house cat or to feed it to the granddaughter who already has three, at the first suspicion of allergy.Let's start taking the test, it's that simple and can avoid unnecessary separations. In the pharmacy we can find the necessary for understand if we are more or less allergic to cats: it is a test to be carried out at home, comfortably.

Usually in the package we find a strip, a micropipette, one vial of diluent solution, a lancet lancet and a disinfectant wipe. And simple instructions to follow to the letter, hoping not to have a cat allergy.

In the unfortunate case that it turns out to be positive, we can always equip ourselves with a spray to apply to the animal's coat to neutralize allergens. We can also buy them online: a 355 ml bottle of Allerpet costs 40 euros, non-toxic or irritating, and that's fine for all pets which could create allergic reactions.

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