Why the dog eats grass

Why the dog eats grass

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Why the dog eats grass, we often ask ourselves, thinking that it happens with cats more than anything else. And yet they too, dogs, have this habit, for like reasons and with similar consequences. It is better to understand well in each case what brings the dog to perform this action and how often it does it.

Dog eating grass: reasons

If at the time the dog, descended from wolves, it was carnivorous, over the years it has turned into omnivore to all intents and purposes, therefore, if he eats everything, the grass is included. Technically, he always ate it because if he ingested the internal organs of herbivorous animals, the grass was included, but see a dog literally graze in a meadow like any other cow, it is obviously another matter entirely. Thing to investigate.

There are those who claim that a dog eats grass when he has a nutritional deficiency, but it does not seem a probable hypothesis since even the specimens with a flawless diet they sometimes have this custom. Even the idea that the dog particularly loves the taste of the lawn of the house is a weird explanation, often seen among other things to throw up.

Here then is that a dog eats grass when he has to get rid of something that bothers him and that he wants to put back. Maybe he doesn't digest, he feels stomach discomfort and tries to make up for it by eating grass because it helps him throw up.

Because the dog eats grass voraciously

Including the reasons for the gesture, it is necessary to evaluate how often the dog eats grass. It is one thing if it happens every now and then, and if it does it in a "studied" and voluntary way, when needed, another is if it persists like a goat.

As often happens, when a gesture becomes too frequent and almost obsessive, it is better to take our dog to the vet who can evaluate what to do. In fact, it should also be considered that, beyond the ingested grass, certainly not poisonous in itself, the constant vomiting is certainly not good for you.

When the dog eats grass every day an alarm bell must ring in our heads as masters, without panicking, it could simply be a hyperacidity gastritis, due to an incorrect diet, but also due to the presence of a foreign body or more serious pancreatic and liver problems.

Dog eating grass and dirt

A dog eats grass and dirt not by choice but often by the rush of eating grass. In fact, if the tendency to do so is due to a strong malaise that makes the dog feel bad, when the need to eat grass is urgent, it may happen that even the earth is included in the
hasty bite.

Why do puppies eat grass

Without underestimating what happened, if we see that a puppy dog ‚Äč‚Äčeats grass, we verify that it is not just because a little confused. Or because he wants to "mess" in the garden. In the rush to dig one of the a thousand holes that he loves sowing for our or neighbor's garden, maybe even eat grass. It is very different from doing it by choice. Before taking him to the vet, let's try to explain that this is not the case and that there are much better baby food.

Dog eating grass: remedies

When a dog eats grass because he is not feeling well, he should be taken to the vet: there are too many and too different probable causes for proceeding with do-it-yourself treatments. If, on the other hand, an animal has this obsession even a little to spite us and ruin the lawn, let's try to give it an antibacterial and anti-odor synthetic grass litter for dogs, also ideal for absorbing pee at home. It costs 60 euros, it is 70 x 44 cm large.

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