World Meteorology Day

World Meteorology Day

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World Meteorology Day, because there are more and more meteo-addicts with the risk of turning a science into a sort of guess what the weather will be like in the coming weeks. There World Meteorology Day serves to reaffirm the importance of this science. Not only that, it is an opportunity to pay attention to how the climate is changing and the consequences that this entails.

World Meteorological Day: when

The March 23 this world day is celebrated every year. This date was decided because it coincides with the day of the year in which, in 1951, the United Nations decided to celebrate the entry into service of theWorld Meteorological Organization. From Geneva, where it is based today, this organization is tasked with coordinating atmospheric and ocean observation activities and national weather services globally.

There World Meteorology Day to which meteoropaths are perhaps particularly sensitive, it is a date that we can all remember because it is historical and of current interest.

World Meteorological Day: Goals

Every year, every season, we hear that it is the hottest, driest one of the century. That climate catastrophe is just around the corner. It is difficult for those who are not in the trade to understand whether to listen to these rumors or to continue living peacefully.

There World Meteorology Day it could be the moment in which to deepen the current situation also identifying which are the most reliable interlocutors. Enough false alarms, of course, but let us not indulge in an indifferent attitude, counting on the fact that the climate catastrophe will fall on the heads of our posterity.

In the last edition, in 2016, the theme at the center of the world day was precisely that of climate change, still current, increasingly topical, because the necessary actions are many and above all it is necessary to ensure that words and agreements, signatures and documents, are then followed by concrete changes of approach. Locally, nationally and internationally.

At the end of 2015 during the Cop-21 of Paris, we have noted that if we do not change our attitude, by the end of the century we will have an average increase of 5-6 ° C. Those born in these years or a little later will be able to experience it. When we celebrate a birth let us remember what future we are giving him.

World Meteorological Day: what to do

After a shower of realism, a must in the World Meteorology Day, let's see what to do in our small way to help out. First of all, before acting randomly, let's get informed and learn where to do it. Not trusting the screamed titles but consulting the websites and channels of institutions and official bodies.

For the forecast there are the sites of Arpa in the various regions or other reliable sites such as those of the Air Force, and 3bMeteo. To fight against the climate change underway, we produce less CO2 and there are many ways.

World Meteorology Day and Mood

It happens that the mood is influenced by the climate, this is all the more reason to remember that March 23 is celebrated World Meteorology Day. If we don't want to feel like white flies, we and our bad mood cause rain, or wind, we can delve into and discover that there are entire populations partly influenced by the climate typical of the areas in which they live.

We think of many peoples of the north who stay for months almost in the dark, as well as in the cold. To the rain, which in Great Britain is a bit of a classic, to the wind that blows in coastal areas and which is rarely seen in the Po Valley. Maybe it came to wipe out some pollution which instead stagnates with very unpleasant consequences.

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