Average life of the cat

Average life of the cat

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Average life of the cat, to be estimated and imagined when you take a kitten with us and wonder how long it will stay to keep us company with its purr and its scratching of the sofa, with its leaps and hairs scattered everywhere, especially on sweaters from which it is difficult remove them. There average life of the cat it depends on many factors and the calculations made from the statistics are not very reliable. Already a veterinarian can personally estimate thelife expectancy of the cat what a visit but the unknowns remain.

Average life span of the European domestic cat

A domestic cat certainly has a longer life span than its peers living on the street. In general, an animal accepted into a family begins to become old around the tenth year of life. You notice why loses athleticism is vivacity, becomes more lonely and lazy than ever, sometimes more listless. It can also happen that the hair begins to become less thick. Often the European domestic cat is neutered or spayed. These operations seem to extend the life of the animal.

Average life span of the stray cat

The average life of the stray cat it is difficult to estimate because on the one hand, being often on the street, it is physically strengthened and hardened. On the other hand, it can face many unforeseen events that obviously we cannot include in the calculation of the average life.

If however a domestic cat it has an average life of up to ten years, the stray one does not exceed 3 or 4 years on average. When we adopt a stray cat, we must therefore know that if before meeting he had illness or misfortune, he could pay for it consequences on life expectancy even if we his new masters treat him very well.

Average life span of the Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is a delicate and charming cat, has a rather interesting life and is often a guest of homes where he is loved and revered. To find out more, including about his life expectancy, read "Siamese cat: price and character”.

Average life of the Chartreux Cat

Even the Chartreux, beloved cat especially in France, is a desired and loved animal in most cases, also having a certain price. To get to know him better, I suggest you read the article I dedicated to him: "Chartreux Cat: character and price “.

Record maximum cat age

Self whether or not there is a cat who has already beaten this record, it is something that I can not guarantee because every year the records are updated and we take better care of these cats. At the moment the older cat of which we know is English, it is no longer there but has remained in history. He lived well thirty-five years old, other than the ten or twelve we have talked about so far.

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