Dwarf clover: characteristics and price

Dwarf clover: characteristics and price

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Dwarf clover, instead of the classic lawn, comfortable because it does not require exaggerated maintenance works and patiently endures that many people step on it. The dwarf clover is a solution for those who want a lawn in the garden that can be lived in and that in winter it does not disappear leaving a feeling of desolation. Dichondra also has similar properties and benefits but is not quite the same. The dwarf clover even reaches 10 cm in height, it is composed in dense compact leaf clods and in spring it is particularly dense and green.

Walkable dwarf clover

One of the most obvious and most immediate advantages of the dwarf clover it consists in the fact that it can be walked on without fearing that it will disappear or be reduced to a thin layer of crushed and tattered leaves. The maintenance of this alternative lawn is simple and undemanding: no frequent mowing but only one every now and then to make the grass layer more even since there can be different cultivars that grow at staggered rates.

The dichondra also has this advantage and whoever has a garden and not a gardener who takes care of it, knows well what it means in terms of saving of time and energy.

Features dwarf clover

The dwarf clover is very similar to Dichondra, both aesthetically, for the most profane, and as a type of herbaceous plant. It produces leaves, in groups but dense, so as to create a rather uniform effect, a layer that can measure up to 12 cm in height. It belongs to the legume family, it is a Fabacea, one of its best known and most precious characteristics is that of having roots rich in nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

These organisms allow, as their name suggests, to fix nitrogen in the soil, in this way the quality of the soil improves considerably and benefit of all the plants that our garden can host.

Dwarf clover planting

It is not at all a feat to find gods dwarf clover seeds, you can find them easily in many garden centers, garden centers, nurseries, or even online. On Amazon, for example. At € 15.50 you can buy 1 Kg of seeds for low maintenance ornamental lawns, the best month for sowing is April, every spring this legume will also produce flowers that will make our turf even softer.

Dwarf clover cultivation

It is not a question of cultivating, in truth, but of sowing, waiting and then taking care of the minimum maintenance if we are talking about lawn with dwarf clover. It is best found in areas where the sun does not beat too much while as regards the terrain, there are no particular limitations, indeed. As long as it is dry and we do not overdo it with watering.

Dwarf clover in winter

A difference that could make us prefer dwarf clover from dichondra is the behavior of these alternative meadows during the winter. In fact, the dichondra loves sunny places much more than clover so in winter or in areas and seasons where the sky is cloudy, it does not enjoy excellent health. In reverse the clover does well and it does not stop vegetating at extremely low temperatures.

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