Boiled egg, tips for perfect cooking

Boiled egg, tips for perfect cooking

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Boiled egg: recipe for boiled eggs in the "soft-boiled" version, with medium cooking or in the "hard-boiled egg" version. Cooking times to obtain the perfect boiled egg. Nutritional properties and tips for digesting eggs.

Many sortiers are always on the hunt for new protein formulations. There are those who consume powdered milk proteins and those who, on the other hand, focus on natural and choose eggs. In fact, eggs are a true concentrate of proteins. From a nutritional point of view they can be described as "spheres of energy". When we talk about the nutritional properties of eggs, it is better not to make a speechglobal, in fact yolk and albumen, the two components of eggs, have different characteristics.

Boiled egg, cooking times

It is easy to sayboiled egg!
In fact, at every degree of cooking a different consistency corresponds. It goes from two extremes. On the one hand there is the wetter result, known as "soft-boiled egg"And, on the other hand, there is the harder one, known as"boiled egg“.

Everybody knows how to make a boiled egg… But very few people know how, i cooking times, can affect both the properties and the digestibility of an egg!

In the photo below you can see three boiled eggs. Theseboiled eggsthey differ in flavor, texture, smell, properties and digestibility. The three results were obtained by exploiting three different onescooking times. Hard-boiled egg is less digestible than soft-boiled egg.

Aboiled egghard texture (boiled egg) should never beboiledfor more than 9-10 minutes.

Cooking times progressively decrease, moving from the hardest to a wetter end.

In reality, it is not only thecooking timesbut also the water temperature. In short ... theperfect boiled eggit exists but you must first understand the result you want to achieve.

In the photo above, the cooking times were never adequate because the result was never uniform.

Perfect cooking, in fact, will allow you to achieve a uniform result. Uniformity will be seen in both color and texture. In particular, when it comes toboiled eggswe can have:

  • Soft-boiled eggs
    the wetter ones. Both the egg white and the yolk remain moist.
  • Barzotto or bazzotto eggs
    in the barzotto egg, the egg white is completely coagulated while the consistency of the yolk tends to be very moist, almost liquid.
  • Hard-boiled eggs
    in hard-boiled egg, both the egg white and the yolk are completely hard.

In any case, the egg must be added to cold water. The amount of water must be sufficient to cover the eggs to be cooked by two cm.

How to make soft-boiled egg

L'soft-boiled eggis that morequickin preparation and cooking times. It starts with cold water, where you add your egg to be cooked. From when it starts to boil, you have to count 60 - 90 seconds! At the time of boiling, lower the heat.

Soft-boiled egg should be served hot.

How to make the barzotto egg

The bazzotto egg (or barzotto) should be cooked for the time necessary to completely coagulate the egg white (the white). The cooking must not be prolonged otherwise the yolk will also begin to solidify.

To prepare a quick egg, you need to add the eggs to cold water and, from the moment of boiling, count 3 - 4 minutes depending on the size of the egg you need to cook.

At the time of boiling, lower the heat.

How to make boiled egg

In theboiled egg both the egg white and the yolk are perfectly firmed. The egg white, as well as the yolk, must be dry. The hard-boiled egg should be served cold or at least warmed.

Put the eggs (at room temperature) in a saucepan with cold water. From the moment of boiling, lower the heat and count 7 - 8 minutes.

Boiled eggs, nutritional properties

Thenutritional properties of boiled eggthey are almost superimposable to those of raw egg. The substantial differences lie in a reduction in the thermolabile vitamin concentration (heat-sensitive vitamins decrease) but the availability of biotin for the degradation of the chelating protein avidin increases. For all information on thenutritional propertieswe refer you to the page: eggs, properties

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