Inverter air conditioning, how it works

Inverter air conditioning, how it works

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Inverter air conditioning, how it works: we explain how an air conditioner with inverter technology works. Meaning and calculation of the BTUs needed to cool a room.

The air conditioners on the market are distinguished according to their operation. We have, in fact, ion-off air conditionersand inverter air conditioners.

Technologyinverterallows you to switch between a power range that goes from a maximum and a minimum, without the need for manual switching on and off, as required by anon-inverter air conditioner.

Inverter air conditioning, how it works

The device cools the environment quickly by taking full advantage of its power but does so in an intelligent way. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter air conditionerslow down andworks at idle to maintain the set temperature. Not "burns "energy to stop and then start again… it maintains a functioning ofbaseto always guarantee maximum comfort with minimum energy expenditure.

By eliminating the need for switching on and off, energy savings of 30% are achieved for every 8 hours of use.

Comparison with on-off air conditioners

In the models ofon-off air conditioners, iconsumptionenergy are higher because the compressor, as soon as the appliance is turned on, immediately goes to maximum power and continues to operate at full capacity, regardless of the room temperature. When it reaches the desired temperature, theon-off air conditioningit stops completely (switches off) and restarts at maximum when the set temperature does not coincide with that of the room.

In this way, theair conditioner on offit is always forced to work at maximum power, that is, always equaling the maximum absorption of electricity. This explains why aconditionerof typeon offit is much cheaper than a air conditioning with technology inverter.

Inverter technology of air conditioners

The inverter air conditioners are equipped with a technology called "modulating ". In these air conditioners, the entire operation is linked to an electronic control unit.

The compressor that produces cold air (and also hot air if it is ainverter air conditioner with heat pump) is associated with an electronic system capable of calculating and delivering only the power necessary to reach the desired temperature value.

The electronic system, in fact,modulatesthe response of the compressor based on the cooling requirement of the room. The answer is not of the on-off type as in traditional air conditioners, but consists in the supply of less or more power as required by the environment in which theinverter air conditioner.

The compressor power of aair conditioningwith inverter technology, at first it is maximum and then gradually decreases until a basal value is reached which guarantees the maintenance of the temperature. In this way the inverter air conditioner never stops.

When is it worth buying an inverter air conditioner

The inverter air conditioner is recommended for those families who use the air conditioner continuously, for many hours in a row.

If theinverter air conditionerit is left running for many hours in a row (for example at night or for those who spend the whole day at home), inverter technology is considered economically convenient. In case of sporadic operation (only a few hours a day) and very few hours of activity, the higher cost compared to the system proposed with on-off air conditioners is not amortized. The modulating function, in fact, intervenes only when the desired temperature is about to be reached and for its maintenance.

Inverter air conditioners, how many BTUs

When purchasing aair conditioning, forto chooseat best the one that best suits your needs, it is good to analyze, one by one, all the characteristics of the device in question. From energy class to power. In practical terms, as far as power is concerned, you will need to know how to analyze the BTUs needed to cool or heat a room. For a quick calculation of the necessary btu, you will only need to know the dimensions of the room to be “air-conditioned”. The mathematical calculation (a simple multiplication) is present on the page: how to choose the power of the air conditioner.

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