Campese chicken: what it is

Campese chicken: what it is

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Campese Chicken, you can see and hear it, eat and taste it but little is known about it. What "hides" behind this particular name. It is a breed, it is a nickname, it is a name linked to a place or other. Before eating it, or even after eating it, let's see that characteristics make it special, more expensive at times, but also much tastier and healthier.

Pollo Campese: what it is

When we talk about Campese Chicken, we mean a chicken that has been raised in a particular way and, we can even say, particularly well. First it was so much outdoors and not locked up in dark rooms, and no antibiotics were used. It is therefore an animal of a selected breed and which is defined "Slow growing".

Besides the feed with which it is fed is totally vegetable and GMO-free, 100% made in Italy and coming from a supply chain in which the traceability is guaranteed. It is feed processed only by using renewable energy, therefore the Campese Chicken it is also environmentally friendly compared to its other colleagues.

Campese chicken: price

If we have the opportunity to buy zero-kilometer poultry from farms or family farms, all this may seem trivial, but the Pollo Campestre is special because its quality is a guaranteed standard on large numbers. It is therefore considered "artisanal" but available to many, and even to one “affordable” price.

On average it is sold to a 1 euro more than a conventional chicken and on almost the entire national territory.

Campese chicken: characteristics

In addition to what has already been said, we can add some characteristics from the point of view of those who want to feed on Campese Chicken. Its flesh is particularly firm and consistent. For those who, in addition to eating it, cook it, it is important to know that it has an excellent cooking yield and lends itself to numerous recipes that are also very different from each other.

Campese Amadori Chicken

After hearing all of this, one might imagine that the Campese Chicken is produced by who knows which foreign or innovative, unknown or niche brand. Instead, it is ours Amadori which launched it in 2002 in specialized poultry shops throughout Italy.

The project started in 2001 and after a while it also proved to be an excellent opportunity for integrating the income of many farmers. Amadori decided to directly manage the entire integrated supply chain and it was a winning choice, it allowed him to thoroughly check and certify all production phases, starting from the selection of raw materials up to widespread distribution.

Campese chicken: recipes

The Campese Chicken in the pan is a tasty gimmick for lunch or dinner, quick and tasty, but with the arrival of summer we can also find ourselves preferring colder dishes.

This chicken is versatile and lends itself equally well to become the main ingredient of a Nicoise salad prepared with (for 4 people) 60g of boiled and shelled broad beans, 1 cucumber, half a pepper, 2 spring onions, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 3 tomatoes, 1 handful of black olives oil and seasonings to taste: extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper , also chili.

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