Building a chicken coop, instructions

Building a chicken coop, instructions

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How to build a chicken coop: step-by-step instructions for building a chicken coop to raise laying hens, guinea fowls or turkeys.

Are you going tobuild a chicken coopfor the self-production of eggs or meat? Good idea! If you are a beginner, there is a lot to know before starting a small farm of turkeys, chickens and laying hens and above all, we recommend that you read some of our advice on managing thechicken coop.

How to build a brick and concrete chicken coop

Achicken coopmade with brick and concrete, it is certainly more hygienic than a wooden chicken coop, but it must be done in a workmanlike manner.

The chicken coop must have a concrete screed with a certain slope to ensure proper cleaning of the flooring. To build a brick and concrete chicken coop it is necessary to request the necessary permits from the municipality of residence. In the article "How to build a brick and concrete chicken coop "we have explained to you the procedure to follow for this DIY.

Do-it-yourself chicken coop: the options that make the difference

Calculate that, if you don't want to use the classic bricks, it's possiblebuild a wooden chicken coop, in this case, the wood used must be subjected to a particular treatment.

Wood is sensitive to moisture and rot, so you will have to treat it with a waterproofing impregnating agent, only in this way can you obtain achicken coopquite solid and resistant over time.

The price of setting up achicken shelter it can fluctuate a lot according to the chosen technologies and dimensions.

Some breeders build shelters with large windows, kappe and fireplaces for humidity control and disease prevention.

Having a fireplace is certainly convenient because it will allow us to reduce maintenancechicken coop but it is a choice that requires a cost.

Nellobuild the chicken coop do it yourself, remember that the "rest”Must always be flanked by an open space intended for grazing, therefore many of the models shown must be placed in an enclosure or in a courtyard.

How to build a wooden chicken coop

A DIY chicken coop with dimensions of 100 cm per side, 100 cm deep and 150 cm high, equipped with a metal fence of 100 cm side and 200 cm deep (with a height of at least 100 cm), can comfortably accommodate up to 6 hens.

The wooden chicken coop will therefore have a sheltered area and an area for grazing. A perch and nests for laying eggs will be placed in the covered shelter.

Forbuild a wooden chicken coopyou will need to get tiles ofmarine plywoodwith phenolic gluing, certainly unnatural (the wood is abundantly treated to withstand humidity and bad weather) but certainly long-lasting and not easy to rot.

A goodDIY wooden chicken coopit could be equipped with a roof with isothermal panel. The isothermal panel must be well sized and fixed with suitable nails. Thanks to the isothermal roof, hens will be able to lay more eggs and get sick less. The isothermal roof, in fact, is able to guarantee the hens greater comfort with protection from intense heat during the summer and from the harsh cold of winter.

Free-standing chicken coop

On the market they are available chicken shelters at very affordable prices. These are free-standing chicken coops that do not require permits and can be easily cleaned or moved.

Sure, i chicken shelters on the market are compact in size, so if you intend to breed more than 8 - 10 animals, it is best to proceed with the do-it-yourself, otherwise it is good to evaluate by going to a specialist shop or seeing the offers on the web.

To get an idea of ​​prices and models, I recommend the Amazon page: Chicken coops and shelters for chickens.

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